Check The Remaining Minutes On Your AT&T Calling Plan [iOS Tips]



Are you an AT&T subscriber who wants to see how many minutes are left on your calling plan? Here is a quick and easy way to get that information sent right to your iPhone.

You can check the number of minutes remaining by accessing the Phone app and dialing: *646# and pressing Call. You’ll see a message stating the information is sent to you in a text message. Once you receive the text message, it will look something like this:

As you can see, in this example there are 765 anytime minutes remaining, unlimited night and mobile-to-mobile minutes, and a whopping 9,182 rollover minutes. On 11/6/11 733 rollover minutes are scheduled to expire.

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22 responses to “Check The Remaining Minutes On Your AT&T Calling Plan [iOS Tips]”

  1. Guest says:

    Wait, you mean this thing makes phone calls too?

  2. FriarNurgle says:

    Ummm… the myAT&T app works and has more info… regardless how many people DON’T have 5000 roll over minutes?

  3. CK Sandberg says:

    I just get a “Request Unknown” message within the Phone app….

  4. Lake Elkhorn Park User says:

    Got to remember to put in the asterisk * before you type 646#.

  5. Lake Elkhorn Park User says:

    Would be great if they didn’t charge you SMS text fees for this.  People who don’t want to go with unlimited now have to sign up with ala carte messaging and get charged for each one.  To avoid fees, maybe use the myat&t app to get account info and voice/data usage, or use Safari and go to the at&t website for account information.

  6. Wayne_Luke says:

    We have 5 lines that share 500 minutes every month. Over 450 of those minutes rollover every month. This is with my teenage daughter spending at least 3,000 minutes a month talking on her phone. Even if by some freak of nature we go through our monthly allotment, we have almost 5,000 rollover minutes to use. Free Mobile to Mobile Calling regardless of provider. I don’t know anyone’s landline or if they even have one. Not really worried about minutes.

  7. wirelessdeo says:

    This does NOT count against your number of texts you send.  Even if you don’t have a texting plan you will get a response for FREE. 

  8. DavidWMartin says:

    Ditto I don’t think any AT&T SMS traffic counts against anyone on their SMS plans. I’ve got the unlimited plan so no worries either way.

  9. Robert Mungo says:

    I hate the myAT&T app. Mainly because it ALWAYS tells me my password is wrong. Every single time I type it in, it swears it doesn’t know who I am. Then if I do get it to work, I have to tell it that no, I don’t want paperless billing, etc, and click thru multiple screens. With this, a contact in my phone can do it all for me automatically.

    And I have a problem with AT&T telling me I hate the Earth because I want a paper bill, and then sending me a glossy magazine with articles telling me what a telephone pole repair man does all day. The back page is always an ad for the latest iPhone and a note that if I like trees I should stop getting a paper bill.

  10. Robert Mungo says:

    Notice that this phone call just turns into a text message.

  11. jdog25 says:

    What! The iPhone doesn’t have carrier apps for monitoring your usage? T-mobile has had their Android app for almost 2 years. I consider this a downside for owning an iPhone.

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