The Proof Strap Makes Your iPod nano Waterproof And Introduces Bluetooth


The iPad nano is undoubtedly the coolest wristwatch available if you’re an Apple fanboy, and it has become so popular as a watch that Apple even introduced a number of new clock faces in its latest nano update. However, because it’s an iPod, it’s also very delicate and it doesn’t cope well with water damage. Unless you have the Proof strap — a wrist strap that not only makes your iPod nano waterproof, but also introduces Bluetooth functionality.

From Boobotix, the Proof strap is a Kickstarter project aiming to raise $17,000 by being the most rugged iPod nano wrist strap available. The Proof comes with three different adapters for your iPod nano; one that makes it waterproof, one that introduces Bluetooth, and another that simply locks the device into its strap for use with headphones.

It looks a little chunky, and not the prettiest iPod nano strap, but it’s certainly the most functional. “Whether your surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, or skiing, you can use this watch and know that your iPod nano is going to be protected from the elements,” says the Proof’s creator.

[via TUAW]

  • Christopher Cobble

    Boobotix…was that an intentional typo??

  • AriRomano

    is the video resolution a joke? :D it’s smaller than the play button.

  • Jordan Clay

    it is Boombotix,   Notice the M is missing in your link

  • Excursioner

    Great idea for a Waterproof wrist, but this company definitely needs serious hard work on their industrial design style, everything looks cartoonish, like it came out of the cereal box.

  • IamJAd

    A tank top?  What– a polo shirt was too corporate?

  • dss49

    we’re not water proof but check out the Loop wrist band for the nano… seamlessly integrates the nano for the sleekest look available.

  • Joypebble

    Pitch Review:
    Geez, get an energetic spokesperson to “augment” Lief’s bromidic delivery. He’s driving snores instead of product.