Safari 5.1.2 Released To Developers: Fixes PDF Viewing and Printing



Late last night, Apple seeded a new build of Safari to developers, 5.1.2 beta, which brings a fix to the embedded PDF viewing and printing issues that were present in previous versions of the browser. It also introduces a “known bug” that causes extensions to crash. As the ancient Romans used to say, caveat developor.

In the release notes, Apple asks testers to focus their efforts on making sure printing’s working okay, by either attempting to print embedded PDFs or just normal web pages.

In addition, a bug that prevented in-line PDFs from being viewable has been fixed.

The “known bug” Apple warns about in Safari 5.1.2 involves the “beforeload” event some extensions use, which can render Safari unstable, but Apple doesn’t seem too concerned, and doesn’t suggest developers try to stay clear of the event.

If you’re in Apple’s developer program, you can download Safari 5.1.2 now through their official portal. It’s available for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and higher, as well as Windows XP SP3. When 5.1.2 is released to the public, we’ll let you know.

  • Michael Di Luzio

    They REALLY need to change the whole ‘each tab refreshes if one times out.’ I’ve begrudgingly switched to Firefox at work because of this.

  • Cowicide

    Oh man, I hate that.  I’ve lost comments I was working on while trying to research stuff in other tabs that had issues.  Also Safari needs to scroll much smoother while other tabs are loading in the background and just be smoother in general.  Whatta bummer.

    Also… control-command-D to get quick definitions for words doesn’t work in comment fields you are typing into anymore, ugh!!  You have to right-click on the word and pull up the whole dictionary app.

    These are 3 major issues that need to be tackled ASAP.