Apple Prepares Its Retail Stores For New ‘EasyTheft’ System



Following reports Apple is set to introduce a new self-checkout system in its retail stores using its Apple Store app for iOS, the Cupertino company has begun preparing stores with EasyPay signs that inform customers they can pay for certain products by themselves.

The new system has been humorously dubbed “EasyTheft” in recent reports, following claims that under the new system, which allows customers to checkout their products themselves using a new iOS app, Apple store employees will not be checking to confirm customers have actually paid for their goods. This approach does seem a little unlikely, however, and we’re sure some kind of confirmation process will be in place.

The system was actually set to roll out yesterday, according to reports, accompanied by a major update to the company’s Apple Store app for the iPhone that will introduce the ability to purchase items in a retail store. Although it seems to be arriving a little later than its rumored launch date, these signs are the first hard evidence we’ve seen that the new system is on its way.

Have you seen these signs in your local Apple store?

Thanks for the pic, Dylan!