Use Real Pieces For Board Games On Your iPad With iPawn



My kids are huge fans of Disney’s interactive Cars toys for iPad, but if you’re after something a little more grownup, then maybe these iPawn game pieces from Jumbo are more your thing. They’re the first iPad accessory that aim to bring board games to life, by providing real pieces that work on your iPad’s touchscreen with a variety of games.

Each iPawn kit is $16, and there are four different kinds that are tailored for different games, with promises of more on the way. There’s iPawn Game of Goose, Snakes and Ladders, Fishing, and my favorite, Air Hockey. Each kit includes the accompanying iPad app for free — you just need to download it from the App Store.

The iPawn pieces are made from a special ABS plastic that absorbs the electric energy in your fingers and transfers it to your iPad’s display — much like many of the styluses available for the iPad, but unlike Disney’s Cars toys, which use a metal base. This means the pieces do nothing while they’re sat on your display, but they become active when you touch them.

I think the pieces may be a little unnecessary for certain board games, but for things like Air Hockey, they appear to make iPad gaming all the more enjoyable.

[via Gizmodo]

  • Phil

    I’ve watched this commercial like three times. It’s the best.

  • prof_peabody

    It’s like a Koleco commercial from the 70’s.   :-)

    Funny that they call it “iPawn” when they seem to be playing ludo or something instead of chess.

  • CharliK

    Pawn is also used as a generic term for a game piece. Especially in the UK. 

    Personally I think these types of things are a bit lame. I get the notion of not wanting to clutter up the house with a bunch of card sets and game boards but really do you need little plastic pieces you can also lose. Not really. 

    THe only one that is worse than this is the one I saw at an Apple store over the weekend. It was this weird fold out mat thing that had a plug in the middle for you to attach your iPad and then as you played apparently you triggered little sensors so the app would pull up instruction cards etc. But you had all these special pieces and skins etc to use. Again, more stuff for you to lose. 

  • nic_goodman

    for AirHocky, I find that a beer bottle cap upside down works great :D

  • timborama

    I figured someone would jump on the bandwagon after the Cars vehicles and app came out.  The difference is that the Cars actually add some value to having a physical object (the lights, playability outside of the app, etc), these pawn pieces do not.  “Pawns” exist for their own sake and provide nothing over a virtual game piece.  They are actually worse, as two “pawns” can’t occupy the same physical board space.

  • Guest

    im sorry but did no one at the company listen to their ad before it was released… once you pass a certain age, all you hear is iporn.. no two ways about it.

  • Lochias

    Perhaps it is all that YOU hear, but there are two ways about it, and I do not hear iPorn (whatever that is) at all.

    But then, I thought that iPad was a perfectly good product name, without “unfortunate connections.” Some people disagreed.  Perhaps it still bothers them, whoever they are.