Sprint Is Investigating Slow Data Speeds On iPhone 4S, But Claims It Cannot Replicate the Problem



A number of early iPhone 4S adopters who chose to purchase their device with a commitment from Sprint have been plagued with painfully slow data speeds when using the carrier’s 3G network. Despite having a full signal, some users have been subjected to data connections that are just unusable.

Following a recent statement that promised its data speeds matched those of its competitors, Sprint is now investigating the issue of slow data speeds, but claims that it is unable to replicate the problem.

A support discussion on Sprint’s website related to slow iPhone 4S data speeds has now received over 1,291 replies and more than 240,000 views,  indicating it’s not just one or two users who are plagued by the issue. One user even reports to have had a three times faster data connection on the Samsung Epic Touch than on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S during testing.

What’s comforting to Sprint subscribers is that the company is at least looking into the issue, even if it does seem as though it is trying to brush it off. Its head of product development, Fared Adib, told CNET that although it is investigating the issue, there is nothing significant to report yet:

We’re taking the reports of problems from a small number of customers seriously. There’s nothing of significance to report yet. We don’t see anything that is easily replicable.

A screenshot that surfaced from a The Next Web report last week revealed some Sprint subscribers are suffering data speeds as little as 0.01Mbps, even with a full 3G signal, a speed that is next to useless when you want to browse the web or use apps that require a data connection.

The iPhone 4S has been a huge success for Sprint, with the carrier announcing shortly after its launch that the device provided the best sales day in Sprint’s history. It is also the company’s debut iPhone. However, that success isn’t likely to continue if it cannot quickly rectify its data issues.

[via AppleInsider]

  • MacHead84

    As far as the screen shot is concerned. It does indicate the person is listening to music while the test is being run. Now if they are streaming high quality audio at the same time. The download speed is going to be low because its having to sharing with other downloads. Not saying thats the case it could be locally stored music. But that is a possibility….

  • FatSquirrel

    “One user even reports to have had a three times faster data connection on the Samsung Epic Touch than on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S during testing.”  How did they test an iPhone 3G on Sprint’s network?

  • ipadforever

    Ask them to stop by my house, so they can replicate the problem easily!

  • Aa

    No this is an ongoing problem for sprint. I had the same 3G issues on my evo. Sprint said they would fix it and 3 months later I was on Verizon with the iPhone.

  • Andrew Milam

    It is my theory that the signal screen will sometimes indicate Sprint 3G when in fact you are roaming. I had a similar data speed experience with my Sprint iPhone 4S. My screen showed Sprint 3G but would occasionally encounter crippling data speeds.  Two days ago when this happened, I noticed my signal switched to “extended” indicating roaming then back to 4 bars of 3G. Yesterday, I discovered my “data roaming” setting was set to “off” in network settings, thus the slow/no speed when roaming. I turned data roaming on, went back to the area where I had encountered crippling data and the issue seems to be corrected. It is my theory that the signal screen will sometimes indicate Sprint 3G when in fact you are roaming. 
    I had an AT&T iPhone 3G, then an AT&T iPhone 4, and I am SO very happy to be on Sprint with the iPhone 4S. Clear voice communication, no dropped calls! You can easily access you contacts, your notes and many other items while simultaneously talking on the Sprint network. You can talk & surf with using WiFi as well. (for the 2 people that actually do that regularly) Many people seem to think that talk and surf means talk and do anything else on the phone. No, talk and surf means accessing the web or an app that requires data. 

  • Jakub Dolezal

    Here is a quick review on the iphone 4s by a swimsuit bikini model….

  • Armen Nalbandyan

    I am currently with Sprint on the iPhone 4s for the last day. I have not been using any data because it is pointless trying. I have ported my number back to AT&T and they were NICE enough to honor my old grand-father data plan ( unlimited). There are no price difference with either carrier, but  your GUARANTEED that the data works on AT&T. Not only did i have terrible service at a location that supposed to have great coverage, sprint costumer service was one of the worst i have ever experience. the information given changes from person to person which will become a nightmare eventually. Reporting problems with your connection will cost you 45 min hold until someone from technique support can speak with you. I WILL NEVER BECOME A SPRINT COSTUMER AGAIN!!

  • Armen Nalbandyan

    Iphone 3g does not mean the phone is Iphone3.. it only means its on a 3g network. Most likely an iPhone 4 or 4s on a “3g network”

  • Armen Nalbandyan

    That what they always say until the 14 data has ended and you can’t leave without Personalities..  That why I ported my number back to AT&T were my survives was AMAZING..

  • Armen Nalbandyan

    my only says EXTENDED and ROAMING! even though it is a great coverage area! lets all face it, SPRINT SUCKS

  • Huh

    Huh? Learn to speak English.

  • anonymous1961

    Let me bring it in, Sprint, I’ll replicate it for you!

  • David Franchi

    I noticed Sprint has horrible data speed though this morning on my way to work I used Skype and was able to do a video call with my family in Italy so they could wish me happy birthday. The video seemed decent for a while then got in a no signal zone and dropped. I read on another post which sadly I can’t find anymore that a customer was able to “fix” or increase his data speed by calling customer support and they updated or reset a setting on the iPhone, anybody ever heard of this happening?