One Mophie Battery to Go Coming Right Up; Want a Side of Maps With That?



So we’re all pretty aware by now that the iPhone has regressed back to it’s 3GS days and become a bit of an energy pig again. Battery-maker Mophie is appealling to a group of people who’d feel this most keenly — namely, the outdoor set, who tend to use the iPhone’s juice-sucking GPS — with the Mophie Outdoor ($120) battery for the iPhone 4/S.

If the Outdoor looks like a Mophie Juice Pack Plus, well, that’s because it is. The extra $20 nets you a year’s subscription that goes along with Mophie’s new free Mophie Outdoor app (based on the AccuTerra GPS app) which adds mapping and social network features; by itself, the subscription is $30 and can be had through in-app purchase.

The battery case itself (either the Outdoor or the identical Juice Pack Plus) is good for about a full iPhone charge, says Mophie, and should come in handy out in the boonies.