It Just Got Really Easy to Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh



It just got a whole lot easier to install Lion on your hackintosh, thanks to Tonymacx86’s new “UniBeast” bootable USB drive utility. In case you didn’t know, a hackintosh is basically a PC that’s been modified to run OS X, and some people create pretty sweet hackintosh setups for half the price of an Apple-branded equivalent.

UniBeast is a new tool that makes it easy to install Apple’s newest desktop OS, Lion, on your hackintosh. Not only does UniBeast get rid of the need for an iBoot CD, but it also creates a bootable Lion USB flash drive.

Once you have a copy of Lion from the Mac App Store, UniBeast creates all-in-one bootable Lion USB drive that can even be used for system recovery. After you use UniBeast to boot into Lion on your hackintosh, MultiBeast is used as a post-installation tool that lets you find and install your needed drivers and enable boot from hard drive.

Because UniBeast is designed for a 8GB flash drive, you don’t need an optical drive on your hackintosh to install OS X anymore. The instructions for setting up your hackintosh with UniBeast are fairly straightforward. You have to format your USB drive with the Master Boot Record partition scheme and then run the UniBeast installer. The rest, as they say, is a cake walk.

My first laptop was a Dell hackintosh, and I absolutely loved tinkering with that thing. It was always difficult to upgrade OS X when a new version of Leopard came out, and you always had to be super conscious of your drivers and iBoot CD compatibility.

It’s great to see tools like UniBeast and MultiBeast make hackintoshing easier. Tonymacx86 has a full and detailed tutorial on how to use both tools on his blog.

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  • Gary Kellogg

    My days of requiring the biggest and fastest Apple machine are long over. However, would this be a nice option should Apple discontinue their Mac Pro line (as is rumored)?

  • Mr. Bill

    You fail for not linking the software.

  • alexheath

    Uh.. read the article? Last paragraph.

  • Aaron

    My Core i7 hackintosh uses Tony’s software to run Lion. It’s nice he’s packaged it all together now.

  • Dancingbearftl

    What about a workaround for us Dual G4 tower users stuck on 10.5.8? Myavhine is fast as hell but can’t run lion. Any ideas?

    • Just Sayin

      Sell it. the G series was killed the Day adobe stopped flash support, which is why Apple abandoned it shortly thereafter.

  • loveMCR

    I have a really powerful tower, I’d love to use it as a hackintosh at my girlfriends. What do I need to be able to run it? I’m @loveMCR if anyone can help me

  • Charles Lowndes

    PowerPC is dead my friend. However I gutted my G4 Quicksilver, rebuilt it with intel i3 innards, and call it ‘Evil Mac’, works great running 10.7.1, it is ‘Apple Branded’ after all as per EULA…   :-)

  • slackguy

    Why is Cult of Mac advocating inappropriate licensing?

  • Daniel Ploeger ?

    Anyone tried this? I’m stuck on the loading screen.

    (Just like any boot screen on OS X, grey Apple logo centered, but with the spinning gear. The gear keeps spinning, that’s it.)

  • John Ramirez

    i love my hackintosh

  • Daibidh

    “Ladies and gentlemen… the death of Apple” ~ Sept. 12, 2005.

    It was predicted that OSx86 and the move to Intel together would finish the company off.  Personally, I think Apple could have killed the Hackintosh if they really wanted to.  They didn’t then and still won’t now.  Huh.  Makes you think there might be something in it for them. 

    My Macintosh SE/30 died back in 1990.  It wasn’t until my deadmoo Hackintosh in 2005 that I managed to make my way back.  Apple’s made quite a bit of bank off me since.  LoL

  • Andrea

    A Hackintosh as a “Pro” machine on which you expect to rely for your work is pure non-sense

  • Jason Brown

    I would have to disagree. I have made several and some are very stable. I work on an Intel Server Board running 2xXeon 2.33 Clovertowns and a 8800gts. It has been good with Final Cut Pro which has an autosave feature. Adobe Cs5 Studio4d. This is my work machine. I used Unibeast and retail Os to get pure Vanilla Kernel. As far as I can see no panic or any problems. Yes, it takes days to get everything working but my low end G5 back in 2004 cost $2,000 I built this Dual Quad core beast from a used sever I got on ebay for 200$ I got a Nvidia 8800gts $41 and a new box for $80 Eatx size to fit the server board a new Asus optical drive supermulti for $25 at chinamart (walmart) a pair of fans because it had passive heatsinks $11 Firewire 800 card $35 Lets see, that’s under $400 for a 8 core computer with the nearly same parts as a mac pro 3,1 In leopad it actually was listed as a mac pro 3,1 and now it runs lion and roars like a beast!

  • Jason Brown

     Inappropriate? Who comes up with this stuff. Apple decided to base their operating on an open source code and then close it up for their own profit just like redhat did with linux. The fact of the matter since apple moved to this OSX platform their company has exploded with success. They took so long to abandon their “classic” it was pitiful. Now If I use my PC to run OSX with a download from the apple app store how is it inappropriate? Is it not inappropriate of apple to make me jump through hoops to get this installed because they want to sell you their hardware. IBM went the route of hardware and where are they now? Software is far more profitable than hardware and apple should realize it.

  • slackguy

    Yes, Apple should be so concerned that their profits will dry up. Oh wait…the opposite is happening.

    Apple sells their software with license restrictions that you AGREE to if you are going to install/use it. If you disagree with that, you are legally not allowed to use it outside the license restrictions.

    Everything else you said was some random rant I just dismissed because it was outlandishly wrong.

    FYI, Apple’s profits were $13bn on the back of hardware+software combinations. Get with the program. $100bn cash.