Two Ways To Rename Your iOS Devices [iOS Tips]



If you have more than one iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you probably want to give each one a unique name so you can tell them apart. Or you might be upgrading from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S, like I did. If you give every device a unique name, you’ll be able to identify each one when you sync it in iTunes or pick it up from the desk you share with your family.

Apple has provided two ways that allow you to change the name of your iOS devices.

Renaming in iTunes

Renaming an iOS device in iTunes is easy. Simply find the device you want to rename under Devices in iTunes and click on the name to edit it. Once you’ve completed your changes hit Enter and the new name will be saved to the device.

Renaming in iOS 

Renaming a device in iOS on the device itself is just as easy as it is to do in iTunes, but for a few more steps. You’ll need to open the Settings app, tap General, tap About and then tap Name. Now you’ll be able to edit the name and once you are satisfied just tap Done on the keyboard or exit the Settings app to save it.

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    I think David Martin and Michael Steeber are trying to one up themselves as to who can provide the most ‘well, duh!’ solutions to the most mind numbingly obvious ‘problems’.

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    Hey, let’s not all get snippy. One of the great things about the Apple community is that it doesn’t discriminate against newbies (usually), and everybody’s gotta start somewhere. If this little tip helps even one person then it’s worth it. If you already knew about it, then great. One thing I always liked about this community is its willingness to assist each other, no matter how big, or in this case small, the problem. 

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    wtf is wrong with people.Thank you David- I found it useful not because I couldn’t have figured it out on my own, but because reading it put the thought into my head to actually change the name

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    Thanks Jessica and Likethpear I appreciate the comments. I’ve got to think about everyone not just the experts here. I have parents, friends with parents and people with grandparents learning about their Macs and iPhones for the first time. Things we experts take for granted are things they don’t know or might not even think about.