How To Get Siri To Pour You A Beer [Video]



So you get a shiny new iPhone 4S, and you want to make Siri do something cool. Cooler than Shit That Siri Says, anyway.

What do you do? You get Siri to pour you a beer, of course. And you call it Beeri. Hic.

Drunken antics not withstanding, Beeri is a marvel of problem-solving. On the iPhone there’s a contact called “Tweet Beeri” – sending a message there posts a tweet to a Twitter account.

An Arduino checks the Twitter account for commands, and when it sees the word “pour”, it starts the motor on a toy remote controlled car. The car hits a spike, beer spurts out everywhere, and at least some of it ends up in an ingeniously placed glass. Perfect.

Here’s Beeri in action:

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

Hey Siri! It’s your round! Buy me a drink, dammit. Zigactly. Hic.