CoM Readers Spice Up Halloween With Apple Themed Costumes & Pumpkins [Gallery]



The most wonderful time of the year isn’t Christmas, it’s Halloween. No other day on the calendar gives you an excuse to dress up like Han Solo and go out on the prowl in search of the sexiest version of Princess Leia you can find. A lot of our readers decided to celebrate Halloween with a tribute to their favorite computer company, so we asked our Twitter followers to tweet us pics their Apple inspired Halloween costumes and jack o’-lanterns.

If you have a picture of your Apple themed costume or jack o’ lantern and would like for us to include it in the gallery, tweet it over to us @cultofmac

Here are some of the best pictures from last night:

Siri’s here to assist you. [via @Docceng & @chelsearesnick]

Steve Jobs costume [via @brianharrisjr]

iPhone Costume [via @igneousstone]


iPhone Guy [via @KetchupWilliams]

Classic Apple Logo jack o’ lantern [via @Zprater1]

Steve jack o’ lantern [via Macrumors]

Steve Jobs Portrait [via Macrumors]

What’s the best way to wait for Trick or Treaters? With your iPad, iPod and MacBook next to your Apple jack o’ lantern[via@daniel_bolton]

Apple jack o’ lantern [via @AlexMColombo]


Artist’s rendition of Steve Jobs [via @SSSTHAR]

Jackolantern [via @TSCook]

Have you ever seen a quad-core iPumpkin? [via @WINDOWSMUSBEDIE]

Apple Bedroom. Not Halloween themed, but some readers’ fanaticism deserves a post [via @TCurt15]


  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Siri-ously lame.

  • JMattP

    Have fun never getting laid, TCurt15

    And yeah, that Siri “costume” is really lame. What a cop out. She could have at least tried to make the icon look good. What is that, Magic Marker?

  • Gust

    bit harsh don’t you think?

  • Phil

    I love this website! Happy halloween to all my fellow MacHeads!!! 

    ?????????????????????? APPLE 4 LIFE!!!!!??????????????????????

  • R W

    Don’t be a cock, just take as light hearted, if your a true mac head !! ?  Too many fools on this site.  Sod OFF if you don’t like it..  Chow, be good now :)

  • Alexander Tuktuknot


  • “Siri”

    I’m quite proud of my Siri costume…
    (by the time this picture was taken the battery had died for my light – which was one of those tap on/off battery-powered lights)