This New Modular iPhone Case From Trident is Some Kind of Awesome Transforma-Case



Trident’s new A.M.S. iPhone 4/S case is edgy. And maybe dangerous. It’s probably what Q would give Bond to protect his iPhone, except it doesn’t come equipped with rocket launchers or a laser.

The A.M.S. (for Adaptive Modular System) allow you to equip it for any conceivable mission. The case is actually a two parter, Trident’s Perseus and Kraken cases, that now fit together as modules. Out for dinner with your beautiful KGB counterpart? Just the silicone Perseus section will suffice; dinner suddenly get ugly? Quickly snap on the polycarbonate Kraken section!

Even cooler, Trident will make all kind of modular mounts for the series, like bike, car and tripod mounts.

It’s just been released for the HTC Evo, and the iPhone’s up next. Trident will make the Kraken upgrade available for those who already have the Perseus case and don’t want to purchase the whole thing. The press release says pricing starts at $50, but wasn’t helpful about pricing beyond that.

  • Phil

    Buy it if you’re expecting the apocalypse soon. Looks like it can survive that. 

    … I hope it’s a zombie apocalypse. 

  • Seth Chapman

    I do like that many iPhone case makers are stealing perhaps the greatest thing from the Evo (at least judging from when I had mine): The kickstand. I used that thing all the time.

  • Diego

    Hmm…I’d buy that.

    Love the Clash of the Titans nod, too.

  • Soulrecycler

    its like buying a great looking sofa for your home,getting there and putting it exatacly where you want it then…………wrap it in a big piece of plastic.  I dunno just seems whacky

  • JeffNemo

    Kickstand and screen size are my two favorite things about my Evo.  I still have it too, though it’s getting very long in the tooth.  

    I thought the kickstand idea would catch on better than it has, it’s such a cool feature.

  • Online Products

    Quite frankly it looks pretty good, but I still do prefer the old fashion classic iPhone case, we can call that classic right? I mean it’s a big brand after all, just like … that … Coca-Cola for instance, did I spell that right, anyway? Well never mind you got my message, It’s nice but I prefer the classic case! Thank you!

  • Bob

    Looks like that case would protect your phone from anything.

  • djmannyc

    I can’t wait for the Chinese to rip off this over-priced design so that I can buy it on eBay for one tenth of the price. Did somebody say “OttaBox” ???

  • JW.

    Except water and dust and snow

  • JW.

    How has Cult of Mac not reviewed the LifeProof iPhone 4 and 4S case? It’s can take it up to 6 feet under water and it’s very pocketable without that truck-tire feel of other cases.

  • Waterbeds1

    i use the Otterbox Defender case for my iphone, way better than this junk!

  • SusanSmith

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