Apple Board Member Under SEC Fire for Avon Mistakes



Could one of the executives Steve Jobs handpicked for Apple’s Board of Directors be inept? That’s the question some investors are raising following news that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating board member Andrea Jung’s role as CEO of Avon Products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the probe is tarnishing Jung’s reputation and leaving investors with an impression “Avon has a pattern of operational missteps.” Although it’s unknown what actions are at the heart of the SEC’s scrutiny, the cosmetics company junked its current sales targets, calling them “unreachable.” At the same time, Avon’s stock fell 18 percent.

Jung “is fast losing her luster as a string of gaffes raises questions about her management skills,” the Wall Street Journal reported. Investors seem concerned about what the Journal described as “a pattern of operational missteps” by Avon.

While it is unclear how the investigation will impact Apple, it is worth remarking how deeply involved Jung remains in the tech giant’s corporate culture. In 2008, Steve Jobs called her a “strong CEO and marketer.” Later, Jung co-led the search to replace Bill Campbell, a mentor to Jobs. She continues to serve as the head of Apple’s compensation committee, and is the only woman on the tech giant’s seven-member board.

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    Wow there seems to be a lot of negative Apple columns on Cult of Mac lately.

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    Yeah, I get she’s being investigated, but is she on the compensation committee ?
    How many time do you just quote off news sources instead writing a simple brief wrap of what’s going on?
    It’s like reading three different versions of the same story!  ;-)

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    Ding dong… SEC calling  lol

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    just quote off news sources instead writing a simple brief wrap

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    who’s editing this stuff?  Paragraph 3 and are are almost identical.

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    Maybe the author should stick to technology and leave articles about the SEC, etc., to those who can find Wall Street without resorting to a Google Map.  

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    CEO of Avon first and Apple board member second. SEC is investigating Avon not Apple. So stop hyping unnecessarily.