The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Have Been Jailbroken Under iOS 5!



While Apple’s latest gadgets are a must-have for some, they’re not all that useful for iOS jailbreakers. The company’s new iPhone 4S, along with the iPad 2, cannot be jailbroken when running iOS 5. But thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team, it won’t be long before you’re using Cydia on them.

The iPhone Dev-Team’s MuscleNerd posted a screenshot to Twitter yesterday that showed Cydia running on a jailbroken iPhone 4S. Not only does the shot show Siri running on the device, but Cydia also recognizes the handset as an ‘iPhone4,1’ — confirming the device is Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone.

Continuing the good news, MuscleNerd then posted a video to YouTube (below) that shows an iPad 2 running both iOS 5 and Cydia. This is a first for Apple’s second-generation tablet. While there has already been a jailbreaking solution for the device — using the web-based JailbreakMe hack on iOS 4.3.3 — Apple quashed this with its latest firmware update.

This is awesome news for jailbreakers, and confirms that the Dev-Team is hard at work on a jailbreak for the latest devices running the latest firmware. However, MuscleNerd does state that this is a “very premliminary” solution and that there are “lots of hurdles left, [and] no ETA’s” for the hack’s public release.

[via AppAdvice]

  • Flaco1987

    The Dev team has shown thier cards for all non-believers and faithful believers alike. The question is where is the supposed 5 exploit Jailbreak that the Chronic Dev Team announced at JailBreakCon..

  • Jeffreytabben

    the big question always is if it will be thetered or not… 

  • Dev

    Are you dumb? With an update this big, of course it’s going to untethered. It always is.

  • ken147

    oh, I thought the big question was if it would blend.

  • Chusca30

    espero  que no tenga que   conectar el ipad  a la pc  para  prenderlo 

  • John

    maybe i won’t sell my i pad 2 for a 1

  • 1kilni

    its not a phone who care s

  • funnyandspicy

    Each time a new iPhone comes out, it’s a slight
    improvement over the last.Let’s go down the memory lane and figure out the
    people and technology.

  • John Mozelewski

    idc if its tether or not for my ipad 2:)

  • iDaBoss

    I’m waiting patiently

  • Sempa

    Will it work for iPad 2 3G, its also an important question?

  • Simi

    Picture shows jailbroken iPad 2 WiFi only that’s true. Before selling this is the last hope… :(

  • Hampus

    Why wouldn’t it, except for the 3G they are the same…

  • Hampus

    Seeing how we don’t even have an untether for the old devices I don’t know why you would expect this to be, an untether is usually another hack over the initial jailbreak, that’s most likely the case here too…

  • Bob

    Too bad the web based hack doesn’t work any more.