iPhone Mod is a Steve Jobs Tribute Apple Would Be Proud Of



We’ve seen a shedload of Steve Jobs tributes since he passed away on October 5, but when it comes to paying tribute with one of the devices Steve created, this is the most impressive we’ve seen so far. This iPhone 4 mod was devised by a Chinese student, and it’s a tribute Apple would be proud of.

A 19-year-old student from Hong Kong took the famous picture of Steve’s silhouette inside the Apple logo and recreated the image on the rear panel of his iPhone 4. It’s an elegant and beautifully designed tribute that’s by far the best iPhone tribute we’ve seen.

[via M.I.C. Gadget]

  • Niels, Denmark

    And where to buy one? It’s cool!

  • assb10yr5

    Looks like garbage to me.

  • James Powell

    ummmm, how do you know it’s not fake?/

  • Biteme

    I think you’re confused, we are looking at the iPhone mod above…..not your reflection in the mirror.

  • il rettore del retto

    Looks like a tombstone to me  0_0

  • Jaycee

    …very creative and original.

  • Johan

    well, Steve Jobs is hardly a perfect person, but he’s definitely a perfect icon. looks like this iPhone mod is available for purchase over at a site called KOgadget. Link below.


  • ken147

    lol :D zing!!!!!

  • prof_peabody

    I thought it was a Japanese kid that made that Steve Jobs logo.  Here’s hoping it’s the same kid anyway or Cult of Mac is actively promoting IP theft (again). 

  • Macdicine

    Let me guess what’s next ?

    Oh Yes… It is black and white T-shirt with the Steve’s face in Apple logo imprinted, and that is very innovative and original ?

    The trick is whenever you see a Apple logo on a product, just substitute it with Steve version … and bingo … 

    and the this comment is “devised by a Chinese student, and (who knows) it’s a tribute that Apple would be proud of.” too