The Lines For Steve Jobs’s Bio In China Are Absolutely Insane [Video]


Jobs wanted Google out of the iPhone altogether.
Jobs wanted Google out of the iPhone altogether.

Ever since Steve Jobs’s untimely death and the release of Walter Isaacson’s biography, America’s been going Steve crazy… but you know where Jobsmania is even worse? China. In fact, from the launch lines, you’d think it was the iPad 3 that was coming out, not a book.

Not only were the lines stretched around the block, publishers have already sold out of the 250,000 copy run of Isaacson’s book. There’s even some photos of some nifty Steve Jobs sculptures made out of actual copies of the book.

Here’s one particularly hardcore buyer:

Wang Xiaochuan, CTO of Sohu, a major web portal in China, said:
“I purchased 500 copies of the book for my colleagues, I hope they can learn from it.”

Douma Zouzou, who wrote in response to a passage from the book in which Mr. Jobs rejects the idea that companies should give consumers what they want, instead of what they need, said: “Reading this, I’m incredibly moved. It’s people who think like this who are the real elites pushing society forward.”

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  • Kayneeezy

    Haven’t these guys heard of iBooks?

  • ElVox

    iBooks doesn’t carry books that are under copyright here in Mexico….I guess it doesn’t in China either :)

  • Phil

    Can anyone tell me what they’re saying? I’d really like to know.

  • Trololol

    I have a signed copy from Steve

  • RackyLo

    Many elder people came to line up to get a copy for their children. Some of them even came with injuries…

  • Ed_Kel

    Text can’t be highlighted and copied in iBooks.. Copyright shouldn’t be an issue.

  • ElVox

    Technically, no…but contractually? that’s a whole different kettle of fish…I doubt Apple has many content contracts outside the US for iBooks…hell, it took them like 4 or 5 years to get music on iTunes here.