Sprint CEO: Android Phones Are The Data Hogs, Not iPhones



If Apple needed another argument in favor of the iPhone, Sprint’s CEO Wednesday offered up a whopper: iOS devices are 50 percent more efficient than Android handsets when it comes to slurping up 3G data. The comment seems to confirm previous reports that devices running Google’s mobile operating system are the data hogs, not iPhones.

In a conference call, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said iPhones will likely use half the 3G data than typical Sprint 3G/4G devices. Sprint recently became the third U.S. wireless carrier to offer the Apple smartphone, joining AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Although BTIG Research analysts said they had heard anecdotal reports which echoed Hess, the numbers “never sized to this magnitude.” However, if the claim holds up, the factoid “could become a new key differentiator in Apple’s relationship with the operators that subsidize versus its competitors HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.,” the analyst firm announced.

Despite the iPhone’s purported heavy use of data being used to justify throttling by carriers, in 2010 a study found non-Apple and non-Blackberry smartphones on Verizon used more data than the iPhone.

  • Alent1234

    doesn’t surprise me. a lot of apps on android have background downloading enabled that suck up data all the time even though you probably won’t consume most of the content. some people just feel cool sucking up the data

    and the way the account system works on android if you want push gmail you have to set up 2 gmail accounts to download the same email. if you’re on metered data it’s almost like a scam by the carriers to make you pay up

  • DarekSlaby

    Tell me again, why did all the providers take away unlimited data right when the iPhone was introduced? This annoys me because instead of me having unlimited data, android ruined it for me and now I only get 2gb a month. Darn Droids!!

  • gregbraddock

    OR is it because every iPhone user on Sprint is complaining about how slow the 3G data is and they’re just not using it? Good news for Apple though! 


    Considering my HTC Hero went through 1GB of data monthly when I had nothing installed but the default apps it came with and, at most, occasionally used it to check email or look up a location, I can believe it.

    As an aside, I just picked up my first iPhone (a 4S to be precise).  My friends and family, most of whom already have had iPhones for some time, ask me my thoughts having used the phone for a week.  I tell them I really think I’m in recovery from years of using a phone that was incredibly buggy and slow.  Every time I press a button on my iPhone, I expect it to either not register my input, have a long delay, or crash whatever I’m doing.  In other words, Android scarred me.

  • cliqsquad

    “Tell me again, why did all the providers take away unlimited data right when the iPhone was introduced? “

    They didn’t

    AT&T had it for years after the iPhone was introduced. Certainly the usage on AT&T was a problem no lie there. 

    Verizon kept unlimited data till July, but they already said in an Interview in early 2010 that with the LTE roll-out and 4G networks would, the thought of unlimited all you can eat data must fade from the publics mind. Basically they worried about bandwidth but most importantly they need tiered data plans to return higher profits quarter after quarter and new 4G customers on board to prove that the 4G roll-out was worth the investment to its investors.

  • Ed_Kel

    And yet another article that proves iPhones are more efficient…

    Or is it the user that is more efficient?….

    Wait, I’m confused…

  • Frisky_dingo21

    Ok, I’m and iPhone supporter. In fact, I’m thinking of jumping from Sprint back to ATT to get my iPhone cause Sprint won’t play ball and is making pay almost 700 for my 16gb

    Anyways… I have an EVO. It’s almost 9 months old, and it feels like 3. I download crap, use all sorts of apps, and even with unlimited data, I rarely go over half a gig a month.

    I’m not saying this is bs. I don’t know and I don’t have the data to support or deny anything, but I ask you, why not offer unlimited? I’be been trying to use up gigs, but I can’t. I even burn away hours on YouTube, but I burn my battery more then the gigs.

    I’m really starting to think that unlimited data should be a concern only for those with tablets and laptops/desktops. I mean, maybe I’m just on crazy pills, but if I can get on WiFi, I do it because its usually faster. So what’s the deal?

  • techgeek01

    probably trying to avoid the iphone 3G speeds problem.  Trying to blame stuff on others.

    iphone isn’t slow.  Our network isn’t slow.  The android phones are hogging up all the data.

  • Jordan Clay

    Does this mean that Apple HANDSETS are more frugal w/ 3g, or that Android USERS are on their phone more and such?

  • Jordan Clay

    Yeah, I have the same question, is it users or handsets that are the problem.  Or can that be determined.

  • Neitmrh15

    Could have something to do with the number of rooted phones with free Sprint Hot Spot

  • Jackhammer

    Who cares…I pay for unlimited data. If Android uses more data that’s Sprint’s problem not mine.

  • techgeek01

    So, how are Android phones data hogs, when the #1 reason (literally) why at&t got rid of unlimited data was because how much data the iPhone was hogging?

    Sprint is trying to find someone to put the blame on. THEIR NETWORK SUCKS.  That’s it.

    And can we have a link to this study that was done in 2010…….?

  • liveTexas

    AGREED! Most (?) Androids are using ” 4G ” speeds while ios is still 2G/3G, so of Course iPhones use less data : it’s too slow for them to browse…!

  • liveTexas

    Yepper, we’re Just Starting to hear of the NEW set if problems with the 4S. Should hit the Media in about 2-3 weeks. Sprint ALSO Has to kiss the Fruit now that they carry it …