Social Chess Is The Best Way To Get Your iCheckmate On [Daily Freebie]



Let’s face it: Chess is pretty geeky. Then again, so is the iPad (c’mon, it is). Blend the two though, and you’ve got…well, let’s just say that playing chess on an iPad at your local coffee hangout is a Wookie’s fingernail-width less geeky than insert-hyperbolic-geek-stereotype-here.

Who cares though; with its portability, large screen and potential to reach all 600 million chess players around the world, the iPad is the ultimate gadget for playing electronic chess, and the free Social Chess app is the way to play.

As its name probably suggests, Social Chess addresses the social aspect of chess (yes, there is one) better than any other chess app for the iPad — the most important facet of this socialness being the integration of the sophisticated Elo rating system that ranks players based on the value of their wins and losses; for instance, wins against a lower-ranked player would count less than a win against, say, IBM’s Deep Blue. That’s probably the biggest draw, but there’re a lot of other little nuggets that make the app worth checking out. No iPad? No problem — Social Chess works just as well on the iPhone.


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21 responses to “Social Chess Is The Best Way To Get Your iCheckmate On [Daily Freebie]”

  1. YourDigitalSpace says:

    Chess.. that too sociall .. sounds cool :)

  2. FriarNurgle says:

    Is there a chess app that works with Game Center?

  3. AlecTheFirst says:

    Why not Chess with Friends?

  4. Michael says:

    If it’s chess ye be wantin’, ye best be gettin’ it from the app – particularly useful because it allows both “correspondence”-style and real-time play with whatever time-control you prefer.

  5. elimilchman says:

    Chess with Friends doesn’t have an iPad version or Elo rankings. There’re a lot of other little added features that make Social Chess worth checking out too. 

  6. Hamrag says:

    A glorious chess app – very nicely produced and free too! Thanks for bringing it to the attention of us chessnuts

  7. Michael says: app ftw! It supports real-time games AND correspondence-style.

  8. Wes says:

    Tchess, but no ranking system

  9. mr orange says:

    Super good! Best correspondence chess app, is good but you need a payed membership  to skip ads and release all functions.

    So my recommendation is:
    Correspondece – SocialChessLive – iChess PackTactics – TacticsTrainerComputer – ShredderVideo – YouTube

  10. Sam Jaques says:

    I really like this app!!!! It’s amazing and works like a charme.
    I hope it would be possible soon to play it on a Mac too!!

  11. masihayeman says:

    Hello my ID in socialchess is : maria&low 2 days which is not logged in. I refuse not to continue the games, please gueide

  12. masihayeman says:

    I was in a socialchess Whit 2108 Elo my ID is: maria&low and i am play on 8 table games, unfortunately, when re socialchess,ev installed the software, I can not connect, please help me

  13. masihayeman says:

    Not all games Akspayr Please, Please Help Me

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