NASA Is Sending The Angry Birds Into Space, And They’re Taking Some iPads With Them



Up until now, the Angry Birds have stayed terrestrial, pushing their beaks no higher than the cumulus clouds in their squawking, feather-strewn war against the evil Pig Armada.

That’s about to change. The Angry Birds are going to outer space. No, Rovio’s not doing a sci-fi themed Angry Birds sequel, although that’s not a shabby idea: NASA is sending some iPads to the International Space Station, along with an Angry Bird plush toy.

According to NASA, the iPads will be for recreational use only, and be used alongside the ISS’s existing music player. Maybe some AirPlay streaming?

There’s no word on whether the iPads will have Angry Birds installed on them, but an Angry Bird plush toy is making the journey along with the astronauts to tell them when they’ve reached zero G.

Angry Birds in outer space? Makes sense to me. I always thought those green piggies looked Martian in origin. Take the fight to them, birds.

  • Undagroun72

    Imagin E.T. Playing Angry Birds with that long finger of his. Eliiiiioooot, yoooour tuuurnnn!!!

  • Chris

    HM…I wonder how Angry birds is going to work in zero gravity oO