Formatting Issues With Steve Jobs Biography in iBooks? Re-Download It Now For Fix



Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs hit the iBookstore earlier this week, and after a few hours, I wondered why it had such a low star rating. I read some of the reviews to discover that many users have had formatting issues, which made some pages of the book illegible. Apple has now issued an update to the book and begun instructing customers on how to get the new version.

An email was sent out from Apple’s iTunes Customer Experience team earlier today, but if you haven’t received yours, here’s how to get the latest version of the Steve Jobs biography:

  • First, Apple says you need the latest version of the iBooks app, which you can get from the App Store.
  • Locate the Steve Jobs biography in your iBooks library, then tap the Edit button and delete it.
  • Open up the iBooks store and scroll all the way to the bottom to log out. The page should now refresh.
  • Log back in again, then tap the Purchased tab.
  • Locate the Steve Jobs biography you recently purchased and then download it again — you now have the latest version.

Judging by the reviews left by customers today, it seems the update does indeed fix the formatting issues that many had previously been suffering.

Has this fixed the issues for you?

  • ethelthefrog

    I think you meant illegible, not ineligible…

  • Sean

    “….which made some pages of the book ineligible. “
    Ineligible for what? You mean illegible, I hope.

  • KillianBell

    Of course! Now amended. Thanks.

  • johnattebury

    I corrected these formatting issues the night I downloaded the book by restarting the iPad.

  • BuckyThreadkiller

    I am AMAZED that if I buy the book for Kindle I can read it on my Mac and my iPhone.  But if I get the iBooks version, I’m stuck reading it on my phone. 

    If anyone at Apple happens to see this comment, I would like to quote Steve from the book: “This is shit!”

  • Dave Burger

    I followed these instructions and I still have the same formatting errors. “error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty error on line 1 at column 1: Encoding error”  appears on the first page of chapter 1. The next page begins chapter 2.

  • TheAppleogist

    It would appear that the formatting-related issues were isolated as I didn’t encounter them. There was no email from iTunes either.

  • Knightvine

    i followed your directions and my bookmark still isn’t working regularly…

  • Forest Walker

    I didn’t notice any formatting issues in mine, but I have seen a number of typos and incorrect info (Cult of the Mac, for example…) This publisher should really employ a few more editors and fact check monkeys…

  • Cyberspastic

    This is exactly what is happening to me.

  • West

    I have had formatting issues/errors in my iCopy of the book. Some images wouldn’t show and the content just before the chapter about the Apple II wouldn’t render. A block of error text showed instead. After updating iBooks as instructed, above, I checked to see if the issue was resolved. It was, so I won’t follow the other instructions until or unless more symptoms present themselves.

    Thanks for the info, as I received nothing from Apple and did notnknow where to turn.