New SoundID SIX Bluetooth Headset Has Carbon, Built-In Siri Access



Carbon weave has got to be the Miracle Whip of gadgets — it makes anything taste better. We reviewed Sound ID’s 510 Bluetooth headset in a BT headset head-to-head (try saying that fast) a few months back; and while it sounded great and was pretty much our pick of the week, it wasn’t the coolest looking kid on the block — and you couldn’t order it to do stuff, like you could some other headsets. Sound ID’s new Six fixes all that, and adds a trick for Siri too.

The new VoiceMenu function allows access to voicemail, BING 411 for updates on news and weather, and the VoicedDial feature, which can also be used to activate Siri.

Of course, all the features from the 510 are there too, like the cool EarPrint app (which is now a Binary App for the iPad too) for customizing the headset’s sound and checking the battery level, A2DP and the touch controls — the latter hopefully improved. The Six is $130 and available now.

  • Bifrow

    Looks like an expensive ear waffle lol

  • Gerard_supercrazy

    bt 4.0?