Remove Apps From Your Mac App Store Purchase History [OS X Tips]


  • SolarJ

    How do you get them back, if you accidentally deleted?

  • Aelton

    i accidentally deleted Lion and would like to get it back as well.  I can’t seem to find any details on getting things back.

  • SolarJ

    Me Too!

  • Mark G

    Is there any way of doing this from the regular iPhone app store?

  • Chris

    maybe hold alt while clicking on purchases?

  • pooh

    just go to yuor account and unhide them

  • Hmmm again…


    Is there any way of deleting apps and songs that are now just junk becuase I will never want them again.
    It’s not hiding I need it’s deleting.
    If I ever need it I’ll re-purchase it.

    Anyone know??

  • JMattP

    You can do it in iTunes. Open iTunes, then open your eyes. You’ll find it.

  • JMattP

    Oh no! Now you have to buy it again!

  • Len Williams

    Unfortunately all this seems to do is temporarily hide the app. I closed the App Store then relaunched it, and the app I’d “deleted” was back again. I don’t want to be reminded of an app I never use and have deleted from my system. Is there a way to completely remove an app from my purchase history for good? There’s no value to me in just hiding the app.

  • Michling

    What if you delete an app by mistake, how can you get it back and be able to install it?

  • Martin Gartner

    To unhide hidden Apps open the Mac App Store, go to Featured area, click on Account on the right side and then Show hidden articles. (don’t know the exact English phrase as I’m on a German OS)

  • Flu Guy

    Jay – thank you for you insightful answer. I’m sure everyone agrees that they too benefited from your waste of HTML.


    This question ‘ve been asked before i know but if i delete accidentally.Really do i have to buy it again?

  • Digitalvisionboard

    For anyone that has accidentally deleted Lion, or anything else, from their “purchased” items in the app store, open the Mac App Store, go to Featured on the menu bar, click on Account on the right side and then click on “Show hidden articles”, this will show all apps that you have deleted and you will be able to “unhide” and then reinstall. Good luck!x

  • ywamer

    You are my hero. Thanks.

  • Keven Dufour

    MERCI !!!!

  • AppDelete

    My app AppDelete or AppDelete Lite (Mac App Store) can help you with this.  Just delete your app using AppDelete and although it will still show in the App Store that you purchased the app, you will not be reminded for updates.  If ever you want to reinstall just click Install in the Purchases tab in the App Store and it will reinstall without having to pay again.  If I can help further just contact me via my site  Thanks!

    Reggie – AppDelete developer

  • Emeka Tolefe

    This was very helpful.

    Many thanks

  • Rodolpho Rodriguez

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