iOS 5 Allows You to Save Videos to Your Camera Roll



If you received a video file via email or stumbled across a clip in Safari that you wanted to save under iOS 4, it just wasn’t possible. You could watch it, but you couldn’t save it. However, one feature you may not yet have noticed in iOS 5 is that you can now download videos to your camera roll.

As long as you have iOS 5 installed on your device, you can save a video to your camera roll in the same way that you’d save a picture — simply by holding your finger down on the clip until you get the option to save it.

This feature isn’t available everywhere — such as in YouTube, where you cannot download videos — but will work for video files you receive in Mail and Messages, or discover in Safari and other apps.

Are you pleased that you can now save videos in iOS 5?

[via TiPB]

  • jgr627

    I thought u were always able to save videos from the mail app so how is this any different??

  • Boareviews

    This isn’t new….. I was able to do this on my 3GS before 4.0 was even out…

  • Jslott

    This isn’t new. Did it in iOS 4 all the time.

  • Sb

    H i always can download a video someone sent me in an email in ios 4. So whats the big deal here??

  • ScorpionGeorge

    I did not know that! Thanks for informing me :)

  • Nawaf-Z06

    Can anyone shows us how to save videos from safari ? Coz i tried & i cant save it. I tried to hold the screen while video plays & it didnt work ,i paused & nothing too ,stopped the video still nothing. I hope u can shows how.