Out With the Orange, In With the New: Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Covers



Apple’s MacBook Pro family wasn’t the only product lineup to get an update today. The Cupertino company has also issued a refresh to its iPad 2 Smart Covers, which has seen the orange cover discontinued in favor of a new dark gray model, and interior lining that’s colored to match the exterior.

In addition to discontinuing the orange Smart Cover for a dark gray one, sources for MacRumors say that the polyurethane models are now more vibrant. Apple has also adjusted the color of its leather Smart Cover in navy to make it “more navy” than the original, and colored the cases’ interior fabric so that it matches that of its exterior.

The Smart Cover page of Apple’s website is yet to reflect these changes at the time of writing, and some of the links to Smart Covers in the online store seem to be broken, but we’re expecting an update to this page shortly.

Smart Cover prices remain the same, with polyurethane models at $39 and leather models at $69.

  • JayeDee369

    If Apple is reading this site, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEASE get rid of that God awful light blue in favor of a new Navy or Royal Blue!

  • Spudgunn777

    I would like to see the smart cover have the Apple logo or some graphics printed on the outside.

  • João Pereira

    I really wish the red one would be available for polyurethane models, even if its price matched the leather’s since all the reviews i’ve read seem to indicate that the leather covers suck.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I want a denim smart cover

  • Jpmoreira

    I was almos tempted to buy the red one but around the web I found this: http://qrky.co/rzMiw2

    It isn’t available in red and green is not my favourite colour, at all… But it does the same the smart cover does, and it vives me some extra protection on the back while not hidding it… Besides, it’s 20$ half the price of a smart cover… Why would I buy a thing that is more expensive and less usefull?