Infographic: A Brief History of The iPod


Photo courtesy of iLounge:

iPod 10th Anniversary: To celebrate the iPod’s 10th anniversary on Sunday October 23, we’re running several special features this weekend. We’ll have an illustrated cultural history, appreciations and op eds. Check back for more.

This Mursi woman has two tools essential to survival in Southern Ethiopia: an AK47 and her iPod.

Ever wondered how the iPod became so ubiquitous? Where it came from? How Apple kept all competitors at bay, and made the iPod the key music technology of the 21st century?

We’ve got you covered in this cool infographic of the history of the iPod:

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  • TylerHoj

    The iPod Classic isn’t a phone. Silly African, phones are for kids! 

  • Chris

    USA’s and russias best product finally united! xD

  • cassandralite

    She must have some ferocious morning breath.

  • Howard Cheng

    please check 2003/2004 first entry, january 6, they’re exactly repeats. i think one of them doesn’t belong there?

  • yopdesign

    Freakin alien!

  • Frank Lowney

    Podcasting was a big part of this so you may also be interested in:

    … and:

    GCSU was the first educational institution (2/2002) to use the iPod as a teaching and learning tool.

  • David

    I strongly doubt that the african woman owns this iPod. More probably it’s the one of the photographer who ask her to hold it to make the picture. 

  • berianlowe

    With the Click noise enabled, this iPod had Siri for tribes people.

  • Dave T

    I remember buying my oldest daughter the first Gen iPod when it came out. She still has it. Interesting to mention that it came as firewire only. The feel back then was this was Apple’s way of getting even PC’s users to adopt firewire to use the great new ipod. Apple finally did the smart thing and switched to USB.

  • Farugia

    Regrettablyz graphic not viewable on IPAD?…

  • SocialExpert

    what the fuck what the hell is that?

  • Howie Isaacks

    iTunes for Windows did not debut until October 2003.  Your infographic has the date wrong.

  • SocialExpert

    i think you should buy facebook fans now

  • Chris

    why should she not own it? it could be as well her family’s iPod … just because she doesn’t wear western clothes, doesn’t mean she’s poor

  • Really?

    disturbing headline image, i come to the site frequently to check on updates & i’ve had to stare at  that stupid headline picture atleast 5 times today…

  • llx3748784

    oh my god what the fuck man! what fuck this`?!

  • A Commenter

    This isn’t an infographic. It’s a list of dates that you decided to print as an image of text instead of just text. I like your blog, but this is just embarrassing. Especially when you ask people to share it at the end.

  • CharliK

    not the only error. The pricing was 69, 99 and 1.29. and there’s likely others

  • CharliK

    No one said it was. 

    But on that note, why include the iPhone in an IPOD history but not the iPad. It is just as much an iPod as the iPhone is. 

  • TylerHoj

    It was a joke because of the title image….but thanks for being that guy who needs to have a joke explained to them and makes it awkward for everyone. Niiiice.

  • Dilbert A

    I disagree. Very cool looking picture.

  • shahn

    Yes, cos u are perfect example of the human race.