Steve Jobs Had His DNA Sequenced In Bid To Beat Cancer



Steve Jobs was one of only 20 people in the world to have his DNA sequenced as well as the DNA of his tumor, Walter Isaacson’s upcoming biography reveals.

After Jobs delayed treatment for cancer for nine months while he tried alternative cures (including eating vegetarian dishes at a San Francisco restaurant with Dr. Dean Ornish), he went all in with the best treatments modern medicine can provide.

Because of the experimental gene therapy, Jobs said he’d either be one of the first to beat cancer, or one of the last to die of it.

The cost of Jobs’ DNA sequencing was $100,000, the New York Times reports. (Like the AP, the Times got an early copy of the book).

According to Mr. Isaacson, Mr. Jobs was one of 20 people in the world to have all the genes of his cancer tumor and his normal DNA sequenced…

When he did take the path of surgery and science, Mr. Jobs did so with passion and curiosity, sparing no expense, pushing the frontiers of new treatments. According to Mr. Isaacson, once Mr. Jobs decided on the surgery and medical science, he became an expert — studying, guiding and deciding on each treatment. Mr. Isaacson said Mr. Jobs made the final decision on each new treatment regimen.

The DNA sequencing that Mr. Jobs ultimately went through was done by a collaboration of teams at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and the Broad Institute of MIT. The sequencing, Mr. Isaacson writes, allowed doctors to tailor drugs and target them to the defective molecular pathways.

A doctor told Mr. Jobs that the pioneering treatments of the kind he was undergoing would soon make most types of cancer a manageable chronic disease. Later, Mr. Jobs told Mr. Isaacson that he was either going to be one of the first “to outrun a cancer like this” or be among the last “to die from it.”

  • Jorge_garzon13

    Steve after death still working. R.I.P

  • Len Williams

    Steve was with us too short a time. His contribution to mankind has been enormous. I’m interested to see what comes out as a result of the DNA sequencing, even though I’m not a big supporter of the heavy pharmaceutical approach to modern medicine, except as a short-term emergency stopgap measure to get a patient out of danger.

  • jamesbarsby

    Actually, a better understanding of genetics will help us get away from our over-reliance on drugs. In the future, we will be able to target treatments to the specific problem at hand, avoiding the current side effects. Already, it relatively easy, fast and cheep to sequence someone’s genome and our understanding of what the DNA code does, is increasing exponentially.

    It’s important that we avoid falling for alternative medicine like Steve did for a while… after all, you know what they call alternative medicine that has been proved to work?


  • Thex1138

    This is what will also come from Steve’s legacy…. His contribution to the study of his genes as compared to his cancer, and the tailoring of drugs…. This personalized therapy is probably something that contributed to his longevity.
    He has probably secretly set up a foundation.

  • Mca7

    I wish this damn book would come out already. Sick of reading these spoilers from Mac blogs. But they are sooooo good!

  • Hiro Chavez

    so we can clone him?

  • Xxdjpaulyxx

    Why did I bother to pre-order the book if it’s just going to be leaked bits at a time?

  • Jack McClauren

    Stop spoiling the freaking book! Please.

  • Robert Mungo

    He dies at the end.

  • Allan Robertson

    At a cost of $100,000. I very much doubt that the average person is going to have access to such treatment. Unless you’re a wealthy CEO.

  • jamesbarsby

    I think your figure is out date, a quick search found a company that would sequence an entire human genome for $5,000. The prices are rapidly falling. It won’t be long before it is about the same price as lazer eye surgery. I remember reading about a guy who brought the equipment to do it himself at home and diagnosed a genetic condition in his daughter.

  • 5imo

    Thats Harsh!

  • VoodooNet

    secondo me, tutte le persone VIP e o persone che guadagno cifre astronimiche devono essere perseguitati da gravi malattie, magari cosi si rendono conto di chi sta male e non si può curare con il proprio stipendio. Così poi dedicare i propri incassi devolvendoli alla comunità per la ricerca.

  • Mike

    He’d probably be alive if he went to see Burzunski. Antineoplastons are the answer……smh all the money in the world, but big pharma still wins.