Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Was Built to Avoid Apple Patents



While sometimes it may seem that Samsung tries its hardest to taunt Apple’s legal department, the company’s mobile president has revealed that its latest Galaxy Nexus smartphone was built to avoid Apple patents, saving the Korean company yet another legal battle.

When speaking to reporters for the Yonhap News Agency, Shin Jong-kyun said that the company’s new handset attempts to avoid Apple patents, and that “Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously.” Although Shin did not explain how the Galaxy Nexus avoids Apple patents, he did say that the company has done all it can, adding, “We will see if (the Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free.”

Shin did note, however, that Samsung’s legal spats with Apple are far from over, and that its current lawsuits will last for “considerable time” yet. “I think it is just a start and (the lawsuits) will last for a considerable time,” Shin added. “I don’t think there is much gain (from lawsuits against Apple). What we are losing is the pride in our brand.”

The Galaxy Nexus is the first Android handset to ship with Google’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and was unveiled at an event in Hong Kong earlier this week.

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  • Guest

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus?, it’s not Google Galaxy Nexus???

  • curtis jackson

    what about the android os? It’s a copycat iOS. It functions exactly like the iOS. I’d still sue them and Google. Maybe, there new OS would be less iOS like. Before iOS there was just blackberry’s that didn’t interact with human touch. I can’t tell android or iOS apart, except for it’s crappy interface, and the Google search bar. Sue, I say sue!

  • RonBlatto

    Ugh.  The back of that phone is terrible.  Reminds me of that joke article about Tim Cook’s first laptop without Jobs’ assistance.

  • Robert Norris Hills

    In other news. Samsung sold more phones last quarter than Apple. 

  • techgeek01

    uh…. This has already been found to be false……

  • gregbraddock

    so he’s admitting that they violated patents in the past?

  • john

    easy to do when you offer 50 different models

  • Tim Meesseman

    Or when you only put out one new phone a year and everyone knew it. The last quarter before a new iPhone is *always* down on sales.

  • Masterflamer2

    fuck the patent wars. who cares if android copies ios? i have an ipod touch 2g and a droid 2 and the ipod touch is still way better. why cant just companies start making even better products instead of just patent bitching?

    we could have had the iphone 5 instead of the iphone 4s…or even better if apple didnt focus on banning other companies and became a monopoly

  • aardman

    Now Samsung, was that so hard?

  • Guest

    Ummm… Apple didn’t have the first touch screen phones.  WebOS and Windows Mobile existed before the iPhone.  They weren’t nearly as popular, and Apple clearly brought touch screen phones to the masses.  Android is based on Linux, and the fact that it uses a touch screen doesn’t mean a thing.  There are vast differences with how the os’s work. If Apple thought there was a patent violation within Android itself, it would probably have sued already.

  • MacHead

    Ugly ass phone and the pictures it takes are a pill of dog poo!

  • MacHead

    Apple did start Multi-touch, prior to them it was all stylus crap

  • prof_peabody

    Somehow I don’t believe you have even held the thing in your hand let alone taken a picture with it.  You know, given that it’s only been in the hands of journalists so far?  

  • Karl

    That exactly what I was thinking.

  • Done

    Seriously. Just because your loyal to Mac doesn’t mean you should flame without actually giving credible thoughts.

  • John Mozelewski

    This is my next phone ill be tethering it to my ipad 2

  • John Mozelewski

    atleast i wont have a small ass phone from 2007

  • John Mozelewski

    no there was multi touch before just none that were successful

  • Hertnar

    Very true… there’s only likely to be one winner next quarter when it comes to the iPhone 4S vs the Galaxy Nexus.

    In 5 months the Galaxy S II sold 10 million, which is admittedly pretty impressive. However, the 4S sold 4 million over its opening weekend, or so initial reports indicate.

    Although Ice Cream Sandwich does look (as well as sound) very tasty, so Apple might have more of a fight on its hands. Android can also do stuff like Siri, too…. there are apps like Speaktoit, reviewed here:

    Gets a good write-up, but the reviewer admits these are more toys at this stage (as with Siri).

    Still, despite the promise of ICS and large phone goodness of the Nexus, initial sales make it clear the 4S is going to surge ahead strongly.

  • MacHead

    I dont need to hold it in my hand to see what the pictures it takes look like they are plastered all over the internet. And I can see the phones ugly from what it looks like on this webpage.

  • MacHead

    Gorgeous in 07 and still gorgeous today, is better than ugly as sin today

  • John Mozelewski

    lol im not fanboy like you i dont think the iphone is ugly and i dont think the nexus is ugly at all but damn 4.65 inches and openness make me pick nexus easy. only downside to nexus is no micro sd card.  i wish i never would of updated to ios 5 on my ipad 2. i miss my jailbreak more than having newest operating system on ios. i guess i like being able to do what i want with my device and nexus lets me do just that. maybe ill consider a iphone 5s in 2 years if they raise the screen size.

  • JDWages

    As others have mentioned here, I too agree that this statement is a clear admission of past infringement:
    “Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously.”

    Note the use of the word “now” and the ending “very seriously.”  The word “now” means “we didn’t do this before.”  And the last half of the sentence states exactly what they did not do before. They did not take Apple’s patents seriously before.

    Hence, this should put an end to the patent war with Apple insofar as it admits to having infringed on Apple’s patents in the past, even if the statement doesn’t go into specifics.  And no matter how hard Shin Jong-kyun may try to say “Sorry but I misspoke,” the statement he made cannot be misconstrued as anything other than a complete admission of guilt.

  • Mike Hunt

    This article has already been proven to be taken completely out of context and is complete Apple hipster/fanboy propaganda. “cultofmac” is right. You people are in a cult and are all very much ignorant. Apple is your Jesus and websites like this are your preacher or messenger, telling you what you want to hear so you can believe it. I was an iPhone user and fanboy myself, but then I saw the light. I stepped outside the Apple box and couldn’t believe the b.s. that I had missed before. You are all sheep. Apple is the wolf.

    I’m with you John.  These Mac fanboys are so blind to anything but Apple they start sounding like fundies when someone shows them anything in reality.  You have fun with your little toy MacHead.  I’m through with Apple’s hipster bullshit and lack of innovation.  

    All Apple does and have ever done is rip off other people and call it new and their own.  And right when Apple finally caught up with Android, Google bitch-slapped them back to the back of the line, not even a month later.  

    iPhone 4s is a 800mhz/512 MB RAM P.O.S.  I hope you have an OtterBox for that thing.  If you look at the “gorgeous” brick in your hands wrong, it might shatter.  Oh, and make sure you hold it right, wouldn’t want any dropped calls now.  

    With Android, I’ll be able to see the damn screen without having to squint, replace the battery if it goes bad or dead, add extra storage, develop apps on any operating system, take advantage of 4G speeds, install any ROM I choose, use an OS that doesn’t look like it was made for grandma, not deal with the fucking auto-correction which has backwards logic (Tap if you don’t want the word?  What idiot designed that?), not have to update 50 f’n apps every week, not have to jailbreak to get what I want out of the device, not have Apple tell me what I will and will not do with my property, not deal with Apple’s flawed app approval program only to have Apple steal my code and include it in iOS without compensation, not deal with iTunes updates just to update my phone, etc, etc, etc.

    Oh, but iOS 5 has notifications now…  Android’s always had this.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has wireless sync now…  Android’s always had this.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has PC-free setup/sync…  Android’s always had this.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has a button for the camera…  Android’s had this.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has Siri…  Android’s always had voice search and not just for the newest rendition of last year’s phone.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has iMessage…  Samsung’s new ChatON makes this obsolete.  It supports Android, Bada, and will soon support iOS and Windows Phone as well.  Does more than iMessage with everyone.
    Oh, but iOS 5 has iTunes for apps, music, etc.  Yeah, well Android can get content from anyone, including iTunes; apps from anyone, not just one place, books from practically anyone, not just iTunes.

    MacHead, all of your arguments are invalid when defending iPhone.  You are just a fanboy and too close-minded to move on to something with class, intelligence, innovation, freedom, or practicality.  Go on living in your walled-off Apple world and believe everything they tell you.  Be different, just like everyone else.  Keep paying $300+ every two years for something that costs $90 to make.  Obviously as long as it looks “gorgeous” it’s worth it to you. For the rest of us, we want more and get more.

  • JDWages

    “All Apple does and have ever done is rip off other people and call it new and their own”?
    That one lie alone nullifies everything else you said.  But your last statement is telling as well.  You want more, and you are willing to use a stolen product to get it.  Android is copy-cat product build by Google’s Eric Schmidt while he was pilfering Apple secrets from 2006 to 2009 as an Apple Board Member.  

    And please spare us the age-old lies that Apple once stole from Xerox Parc.  Apple did not “steal” GUI secrets from XEROX PARC for use in the Lisa and later the Macintosh. In fact, Xerox was allowed to buy pre-IPO stock from Apple, in exchange for engineer visits and an understanding that Apple would create a GUI product.  Google’s Schmidt did not such thing and merely ripped off Steve Jobs in similar fashion as Bill Gates did in the 1980’s with Windows.  These are facts which have nothing to do with whether someone is a so-called fanboy or not.

  • MichaelVincentAustria

    You’re missing the fact that the reason why most people become your so-called “Apple Fan Boys” is because the product actually works. I own a Galaxy S II and the thing has been bugging me for many reasons: battery life so short (It’s a miracle if I get it to last 2 days), the thing overheats from time to time (programming problems I dunno what exactly), and for some random reason restarts the phone or resets my personal preferences. Not to mention I HAVE to always run at the lowest possible brightness because the one-day battery life I’m enjoying would probably shrink to about 12-18 hours. Of course, there has been some features that have been quite beneficial to me, one of which if bluetooth transmission, FM radio and the file manager. However those things can be compensated if I’m going to get a decent battery life, a working operating system and the fact that it doesn’t restart in the middle of a call. From a consumers viewpoint I would rather have a phone with a few WORKING features rather than a phone with a lot features but shuts it down from time to time. As an engineer, hardware is not the only measure of performance; how the software runs the hardware is also very important. iOS 5 is designed and optimized to run only on a select type of hardware, this makes it very efficient compared to the Android OS which is designed to run on multiple hardware with different feature sets. 

    So my argument for iOS 5 is this why should I buy Android device when iOS performs so much better on Apple hardware than an Android device performing in a random manufacturer’s hardware in that specific price point? 
    (Of course this is true when you compete same-generation phones)

    We buy Apple not because of hardware OR even software, we buy Apple because we want the best consumer experience available which is achieved when you design BOTH the hardware and the software. I’d rather have a MOBILE phone that is SMART rather than having a SMART device which fails to be a MOBILE phone.

  • Peter Moeser

    Shipped… Samsung “shipped” more phones.

    Apple has run out of stock and are _selling_ them as fast as they can make them.

  • Peter Moeser

    On a phone? Got any links for this claim?

  • Re


  • Hampus

    As someone who follows news sites of both sides, that is iOS/Apple and Android, I can tell you this is hardly unique to Apple centred sites, the Android ones are also heavily biased and so are most of the platforms true fans, why would you expect something else?

    I hate the fact that fans for some reason feel this need to hate whatever is not their favourite platform be it iOS or Android even if they haven’t tried the other…

    As for those counter arguments you posted… Well, have you considered personal opinions?
    I mean, I can appreciate how open Android is, it can be fun to mess around with the OS and flash different roms if your in to that kind of thing, it’s kind of why I have an Android device, the whole paltform reminds me of Windows Phone 6.x which I’ve had much fun with.

    However, there are reasons why my main devices are iOS based at least for the time being.
    Sure on Android I can flash custom roms or install third party launchers, but I prefer iOS as I get an experience I like out of the box, sure I don’t like the limitation on how many apps you can have in a folder, but I haven’t found a launcher for Android that’s perfect either,far from.

    On Android you can have get apps from multiple sources, well, in my opinion not one of these sources can compare with the number of apps or their average quality that you get from the iTunes Appstore. Also, you don’t want to have a bunch of updates every week? So you’d prefer software launched and then never bothered with again by the developer? Not my kind of software…
    While we are on software, I still have not found a single mail client for android (besides gmail, but I don’t use gmail, don’t like it) that you can just log in with and have it work. My yahoo, the universities MS Exchange server, I just logged in on the iPhone and mail started being pushed to me. Even with Yahoos own app on Android (only one where push seem to work) the mail always show up later there than on the iOS devices…
    Similar problems with calendars…

    You don’t like iTunes syncing, Android has been able to sync without a computer for a long time…
    Ok, the only reason I’ve ever synced to iTunes after getting my music on the device is that 1, it’s easier to download updates to the computer and the sync devices. 2, iTunes is the best podcast manager I’ve found and sometimes I want those podcasts with me. 3, iTunes takes a complete backup of you devices settings and all the data of your apps every time you sync. Android in built pc less syncing does none of this.
    What Androids syncing does is sync contacts, calendars and so on with services like gmail or yahoo. Guess what, it isnt new for iOS either, before iCloud I’ve had all my contacts and calendars syncing from Yahoo, and I still do with calendar (it is better than google calendar in my mind).

    The notifications bar. I’ll give you that Android had a list of notifications before iOS did, and I’ll give you that the old iOS notifications where pretty bad. However Androids list is just that, a long list, you can either open notifications or clear them all, that’s it, hardly useful.
    Now the iOS notification list do some things better, for example there is custom ordering and different kinds of notifications. One thing I really like is how I can clear all notifications of a single app. That said the iOS one is hardly perfect, you can’t delete individual notifications and it really should have some kind of statusbar icon telling you there are notifications. But if we have to compare, while the iOS one is pretty crappy, it sure is an improvement over the Android notification list…

    Hopefully you might see how much personal opinion matters for these things, iOS works better for me, the day Android or Windows Phone 7 is better I might just switch (even though I have a large amount of apps bought for iOS).

    Don’t come here on your high horse and belittle people for being biased fanboys when you are no less biased yourself…