BBC iPlayer for iPad Now Supports AirPlay Streaming [Updated]


The BBC in my pocket
The BBC in my pocket

The BBC has finally issued an update to its free iPlayer app for the iPad that allows users to stream content to their Apple TV for viewing on their television.

The catch-up app allows users to watch BBC shows on-demand and has grown in popularity since becoming available on the App Store earlier this year. Those who can access the service for free in the U.K., in addition to subscribers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, can now stream BBC shows on their television with version 1.2.5 of the global iPlayer app.

The BBC has promised that the iPlayer app is coming to other territories, including America, but is yet to give a launch date.

In addition to the latest version of the iPlayer app, you’ll also need to have iOS 5 installed to take advantage of AirPlay streaming.

Have you tried AirPlay streaming with BBC iPlayer yet?

UPDATE: It appears that only the BBC iPlayer global app supports AirPlay streaming for the time being, so U.K. users will have to hold on a little while.

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  • macintude

    Really? Just redownloaded the app and there’s no AirPlay to see. Plus, the release notes only show iOS 5 compatibility – nothing about AirPlay.

  • Gordon Watt

    Not showing up here?

  • Liquid

    Yup same here, no mention of AirPlay

  • eflix

    use mirroring..

  • samradford

    It seems that the AirPlay is an update to the global app and not the UK specific app. Hope that comes soon!

  • FriarNurgle

    That’s all fine and dandy… but how about just putting BBC on the f’ing ATV. 

  • mrplowinc

    Jailbreak – Install XBMC – Install iPlayer plugin. Works brilliantly.

  • mrplowinc

    You can only mirror on iPad 2 and iPhone 4s

  • Craig Stark

    You would think that the BRITISH BROADCAST would update the BRITISH app before they update the whole world!! but nooooo!!! 

  • FriarNurgle

    Never messed around with XBMC. are the plugins stand alone or do they require a networked PC/Mac?

  • mrplowinc

    Standalone. Just needs the ATVs network connection. Runs as an addin inside XBMC

    You’ll need a PC/Mac to download and copy over the iPlayer plugin but in use it’s standalone.
    Transfer the zip file into /private/var/mobile/Media
    XBMC addons – iPlayer install

  • FriarNurgle

    Thank you very much for saving the hassle of doing a google search.

  • macintude

    Yes, but mirroring is not the same at all. I do mirror on my iPad to my ATV, but that puts it very small on the TV screen.

    No matter though, OP has recognised the problem – stupidly (on the BBC’s side), the update isn’t available for UK users.

  • TokyoSpark

    I really wish reviews of REGION LOCKED apps would mention to the WORLD that the app is REGION LOCKED. That way we wouldn’t get our hopes up AGAIN that the BBC might make it’s content available to the WORLD (without jailbreaking my phone, that is).

  • Wishpot

    Using iPad 1, with 1st Gen Apple TV (with aTV Flash) … the air play icon comes up but then either the Apple TV hangs then reboots or I get an error saying that it can’t play the content.

  • Thomasjuulsgaard

    Denmark-resident using the iplayer global version. I have Ipad 1, and apple tv 2.
    What can I say… It works perfectly. It streams witout hiccups on my tiny 5mb broadband. Only thing is that the projected screen is just a bit too big. The BBC logo is missing half of the first “B” and i cant find any options to make it just a bit smaller. I wont mind black bars on top an bottom, but for now i have to go with the closeup.
    Its just a bit zoomed in, nothing to ruin the experience.
    Im not sure what resolution the bbciplayer streams its programmes in. but to me it looks better than SD-television.
    So far im impressed – now if they could fix the zoom and make subtitles available, that would make the perfect experience. Im fine with english subtitles – its sometimes hard to hear the different regional english that is spoken on many programmes.