Audyssey Unveils Its New Lower East Side AirPlay Dock




The latest piece of full-on AirPlay sound hardware is from the sonic wizards over at Los Angeles-based Audyssey.

Yeah, the Lower East Side Audio Dock Air ($399) looks more like a Lego brick than the outfit’s svelte South of Market dock we raved about earlier this year — but the new, six-speaker dock is filled with audio-techno-jargon like “passive bass radiators” and “Smart Speaker technology,” which is probably English for “this will blow you away, dude.” And of course, don’t forget the AirPlay.

The dock is Audyssey’s second gadget with the “Lower East Side” name — the first being their LES media speakers — and should ship in November.

  • Geoff Lemon

    I’ve heard a prototype being hauled around LA by Tom Holman.  It’s a piece of crap – full of audio processing tricks in the mistaken idea that one box can trick anyone into believing they’re getting surround sound or something.  Worse than the manipulative crap coming out of Bose, if that’s possible.  Holman’s an audio joke and so is this product.

  • prof_peabody

    This company’s marketing is really confusing and the website is almost impossible to navigate or find anything.  Why do they call this thing a “Lower East Side” speaker for instance?  The whole world cares about New York (if that’s the reference), so much they want a speaker named after it? I don’t think so.  

    Also, why is it called a “dock” when it can’t dock anything and has no dock attached?  Why is it 400 bucks when it’s made out of plastic?  Why does the volume button sit flush with the top of the device so that it’s almost impossible to manipulate?  This thing is a triumph of (supposed) style over function.