The iPhone 4S Is Coming To A Fourth US Wireless Carrier, But It Ain’t T-Mobile



Wow, big news! The iPhone 4S is officially coming to a fourth American network in the coming weeks!

Bad news for the millions of T-Mobile customers using their jailbroken iPhones on the fourth-largest American wireless network, though: the iPhone 4S is coming to a network you’ve probably never heard of.

Regional carrier C Spire Wireless, formerly known as Cellular South, announced today that it’ll start offering the iPhone 4S in the coming weeks.

C Spire Wireless announced today that it will launch iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet, in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

For further information or to register interest, please visit For more information on iPhone 4S, please visit

I know what you’re thinking: who? In truth, unless you live in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, George or Florida, you’ve probably never even heard of these guys before. They only have around 875,000 subscribers, and run a CDMA network, a la Verizon or Sprint.

Why not T-Mobile? Here’s the deal: all the CDMA networks roughly run on the same wireless bands, but T-Mobile, despite being a GSM carrier, works on a slightly fruity 3G/4G band. That would require Apple to build a whole new iPhone 4S just for T-Mobile USA, which they just aren’t going to do. Hence, why these no-name CDMA carriers are going to start getting the iPhone 4S before the most obvious big-boy.

[via MacRumors]

  • Ruben

    The value of the iPhone is about to go down.

  • Christopher Jr. Riley

    Since when?

  • Karl

    That sucks for T-Mobile users. But I’m a bit confused as I thought there were a lot of iPhone users  using jailbroken iPhones on the T-Mobile network. I’m not sure why Apple would have to build a completely separate phone if they already work. Anybody know a reason?

  • Imqtek

    Yes sir it is… I live in Mississippi and Cspire sucks. I can’t believe this…

  • Brndm

    Haha typo says George instead of Georgia x)

  • Itsofficial

    Tmobile, you jackoff. Get with the standardization program.

  • bensjourney2011

    Yeah, the million iPhone users on T-Mobile have traded AT&T for absolutely no 3G. T-Mobile’s 3G is different than other GSM networks, so their iPhone customers are stuck with EDGE.

  • B066Y

    C Spire is the best carrier in MS…their customer service sucks (so does everyone else’s though) but you can’t beat their plans and pricing, also they have the best service coverage in the southeast.

  • B066Y

    “The value of the iPhone is about to go down.” please explain.

  • joewaylo

    Because most people prefer T-Mobile. It’s the cheapest wireless carrier on the market compared to AT&T. Despite the fact T-Mobile is about to be called AT&T.

    If iPhone doesn’t go T-Mobile and they can’t jailbreak it into T-Mobile as easily as hoped, then no one will buy an iPhone 4S as they can’t take it to T-Mobile.

  • CharliK

    They are legally not allowed to. FFC rules don’t allow them to use the same frequency set.

    Given that DTK is trying to sell off the US branch it makes sense for Apple to hold off with the contracts and expense of building a phone to support their 3g variant until all the sales attempts are over. After all, it could turn out that ATT gets to finish their buy and all new devices for T-Mobile would be on the same standard as the ATT ones. So no need to build anything. Or it goes to Sprint and same game

  • CharliK

    I’m not sure I am buying this one. Apple made two sets of SKUS for Sprint and Verizon, I can’t see them making another one for a company that will get them at most about 900k users. 

    Now if they could get this CDMA game set up so they only had one set of phones and the network was programmed at time of purchase then hell, they would probably open it up to all the CDMA carriers 

  • MacRat

    This carrier uses Verizon’s network, so it’s just a Verizon iPhone.

  • MacRat

    “That would require Apple to build a whole new iPhone 4S just for T-Mobile USA, which they just aren’t going to do”

    You might want to check the new Galaxy Nexus which has penta band support.

    Meaning one phone that will work on AT&T and T-Mobile data networks.

    No reason that Apple can’t do the same.

  • MacRat

    Doesn’t require jailbreaking.

    You just buy an unlocked iPhone directly from Apple and put in the T-Mobile SIM card.

    It’s silly that the iPhone 4S is still only quad band. Especially compared to the new Google Galaxy Nexus which has penta band support as well as support for both HSPA+ and LTE. 

  • MacRat

    T-Mobile isn’t a “different” GSM network. There are 5 standard GSM frequencies, the iPhone only supports 4 of those. Unfortunately, T-Mobile US needs that 5th frequency.

  • MacRat

    I’m happily using my iPhone 3GS on T-Mobile.

  • Myron Slaw
  • B066Y

    They only use Verizon’s network to augment their own. But you’re right it is just a Verizon iPhone, which is why I was upset when C Spire didn’t get the iPhone 4.

  • Evanam

    I wish Credo would carry the iPhone!

  • KarenR

    Stupid T-Mobile.. You had to be the different one.. I cant get it the Iphone 4s because of you! -___-