IntelliScreenX Isn’t Just What Notification Center Should Have Been, It’s A Reason To Jailbreak



If you’ve already updated to iOS 5, I’m sure one of the features you’re enjoying most is the new Notification Center. It’s a fantastic addition to iOS, and something we were begging for from Apple for some time. However, there are a number of ways in which Notification Center can be improved… and one of them is to install IntelliScreenX.

Now, before we go any further, you must know that you need a jailbroken iPhone to install IntelliScreenX — this isn’t something you’ll find in the App Store, unfortunately. However, this tweak alone may be worth jailbreaking your device for.

If you’ve used IntelliScreen from Intelliborn before, you’ll already be familiar with some of its features, but the latest release is designed to work alongside iOS 5’s built-in Notification Center and boasts some awesome new features.

It starts by enhancing Apple’s new feature by making Notification Center accessible from the lock screen, and then allows you to access all sorts of extras such as third-party widgets, the ‘Quick Settings widget’, collapsable notifications, and additional pages for things like Twitter and Facebook streams, and your RSS feeds.

Check out the video below that show IntelliScreenX in action to really get a feel for how awesome this tweak is.


The latest release of IntelliScreen should hit the Cydia store sometime next week. Will you be looking forward to it?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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  • Doddle82

    Is there yet an untethered jailbreak out there for IOS 5?

  • furious0331

    That is awesome!!  Now if someone could please just figure out how to jailbreak the 4S.

  • Atgred

    Top much info from the lock screen. Don’t want my daughter easily accessing my personal info from it!

  • Justin Gilbert

    And now I just have to wait for jailbreak ability on the 4s and ipad 2.  Patience may be a virtue, but its not one I posses.

  • Someguy

    Not yet

  • .02

    What a retarded app. Sod security huh!

  • CRodBlogs

    and if you leave ur phone unattended or simply lose it, you’re doomed! too much info on the lock screen.

  • MacHead

    I just dont see the value in jailbreaking anymore. I used to do it everytime but just not worth it to me anymore. I never find myself needing to tether so at this point iOS5 is good enough for me to leave alone.

  • Bengie Cruz

    If there is a way to disable it when the phone is locked i’m sold!

  • Dave

    No thanks.  Looks too much like Android.  I’d have to wash my hands after using it.

  • Ed_Kel

    I am so sick of seeing crap like this. Every. Single. Time Apple updates software you try to get people to jailbreak their phones because some nerd “made something we were bitching and moaning for even better”.. How about being a little responsible, Killian, and writing an article about the risks you take of jailbreaking like hardware disruptions and security?

    Yeah yeah yeah it goes without saying that it’s your own risk and you should know what COULD happen, but articles are written like this almost every week and they definitely supersede the risks therefore luring in people and convincing them to jailbreak when they shouldn’t, FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. And if you don’t think these articles lure people into jailbreaking you’re wrong because I was one of them and had to get a new phone after BarrelRoll fucked up my home and off button firmware (still have the camera roll to prove it).

    “Oh my gosh, notifications in iOS 5 are awesome and is everything we’ve wanted in iOS notifications!”

    “Oh my gosh, IntelliScreenX is everything notification in iOS 5 should have been!”

    Sheesh………….. Didn’t your mom ever teach you to be happy with what you get??

  • lawrence_n

    Messy, messy screen. Too much info on one screen can look like a roadkill, let alone strain your eyesight. And @CRodBlogs:disqus , I’m in total agreement with you.

  • Cali

    Sooo what’s the point of having a lock on your phone??

  • Dilbert A

    That’s kind of a weird comment to make on an enthusiast blog.

  • Dilbert A

    This the 1st app that I’ve seen that might make jail breaking worth while again. I’ve seen Intellliscreen before but this update looks nice. I have see how stable the untethered job is. If its slows the phone or causes too many other issues then it not worth for me.

  • cellardoor2016

    I’ve never wanted my phone to lock anyway. I think its just a hassle.

  • cellardoor2016

    Uh, first of all. Its a device that I purchased and I’m making the choice to jailbreak. Its my own fault if I mess something up. This blog didn’t convince me to do that. 

    “Be happy with what you get?” This question, I’m not sure even how to respond. The software has so much potential, why limit it? And you can’t tell someone what is “for their own good.” Are you my parent? I’m a 25 year old adult. I’ll do with my phone what I like.

  • volodoscope

    It looks amazingly busy and very confusing. What’s the point of having the mail app then if you can just read and write emails from you lock screen? Just weird. Are people this lazy of spending less than a second of opening a Mail, Facebook or Twitter? This is like information overload.

  • volodoscope

    It’s also a hassle to someone who steals your phone or finds it when you loose it.

  • claysm

    Looks pretty cool, but I really just want a way to delete notifications from the home screen without unlocking the phone.

  • Ed_Kel

    In most cases, it is for ones own good not to jailbreak. Most people that jailbreak their phone do it because they’re excited about a new package like this one, not to unlock true “potential” of their phone. Which by the way, I assume when you say “potential”, you mean the ability to access files that are of no use to you all the while jeopardizing the integrity of your investment IF the mistake is made in altering files and folders which are, more than likely, firmware? I think a better question would be, are you truly smart enough to benefit from the “potential” that rooting gives you or do you just want access to apps that were denied by Apple (for good reason, by the way)…?

    The fact is, there is no reason to jailbreak for most and it can be truly dangerous for people who are unaware; I can go into hardware malfunctions and security risks, but there is PLENTY about that on the internet, not to mention the pictures in this very article showing that it is now possible to show EVERYTHING on your phone in your lockscreen.

    The question, “be happy with what you get” was directed at the writer because recent articles from him have suggested (while iOS 5 was in beta) that iOS 5 notifications will decimate all types of notification systems. Not even a week after the release he writes, “IntelliScreenX is everything iOS 5 notifications should be”….? Critical thinking obviously isn’t your strong suit, Steve.

    But you’re right, your phone is your business and you can fuck it up in anyway you would like. But it is irresponsible for bloggers to “phish”, if you will, jailbreakers. May I suggest an Android? Sounds like you would fit right in with the rest of those ignorant fragmendroids.

  • Ed_Kel

    P.s. Don’t start any type of writing with the word “Uh”; it makes you look like a 25 yr old “adult”. [insert sarcasm here]

  • Ivo Shandor

    Today’s jailbreaks are tomorrow’s OS.  

  • 5imo

    Hasn’t anyone not noticed how much of a severe security problem it is to have a flight mode toggle on the lock screen. Flight mode on = No find my iPhone, so no remote lock, Wipe and Find. completely lost iPhone if it is stolen along with all your personal data.

  • Ed_Kel

    God help us.

  • fortninety

    Dude, you need to relax.

  • Bengie Cruz

    You sound like a 50yo Security+ instructor! Man, get a life!

  • Yosoyun

    2 questions about IntelliscreenX: 1) new product or upgrade to current users? 2) can I leave it always on at lockscreen?

  • iDaBoss


  • iDaBoss

    Can’t tell if troll or just butthurt.

  • iDaBoss


  • iDaBoss

    still waiting for untethered jailbreak. i can live with ios5 for now, but i miss having sbsettings(quick settings), multi icon mover, and folder enhancer(nested infinite folders).

  • CharliK

    yeah he’s totally butthurt. Over the fact that this used to be a fairly respectable site that actually tried to be fair and balanced when they talked about things. 

    Ed has a point. tons of articles promoting jail breaking and where’s the downside of what else can happen if you do. These articles don’t even include a disclaimer that you do this at your own risk and it could void all warranties with Apple. 

  • CharliK

    The point of the software is that it all shows on the lock screen

  • NoOneCares

    It will more than likely be configurable – so you can just uncheck that option.

  • NoOneCares

    1) Upgrade for current users. 2) Don’t know

  • NoOneCares

    Then don’t let her play with your phone.

  • Ed_Kel

    Thanks Lucascott. I’m totally not a troll, and butthurt is new terminology that I’m not familiar with.. I understand that my comments have me coming off as a pretentious dick, but I used to love this blog site for their balancing of issues and love for Apple. My point is being missed, mainly by ignorant people with the lack of critical thinking skills. It’s simple, jailbreaking is not for everybody and a “cult site” (whom ironically expresses ways around Apple’s death grip; I thought you dudes were on Apple’s side?) should express that at the same caliber as they do jailbreaking. I was royally fucked when I jailbroke my device; my 4 bricked and became insolvent. I was out the full retail price of an iPhone and had no choice but use an older device until my upgrade discount surfaced. All of this happened because I saw an article much like this one about a package that “does what Apple should have done all along”. It’s irresponsible is all my point and could out readers a lot of cash. Let’s face it, people don’t do their homework and all it takes is for someone like me itching for something new to come across this article. Couple that with accidentally doing something that you shouldn’t and BAM! You’re out a ton of cash.

    I get blasted with negative replies when all I’m trying to do is look out for ya when CoM obviously won’t…

  • Ed_Kel

    I’m a 26 yr old software engineer. Maybe I should get a life and not spend so much time writing comments, but you took the time to read them soooo………maybe…….you could join me in venturing out to find that new life?…

  • Ed_Kel

    Maybe. It’s fun though, isn’t it? ;-)

  • iDaBoss

    mostly it’s your inflammatory language. if you just posted something like this reply, you would be fine.
    Also, your’s is the first time i’ve heard of an iphone being permanently bricked. as long as it powers on, there are ways of fixing it, whether you use restore, update, put it in developer mode, or kick it out of recovery loop using redsnow/tinyumbrella. i’m sorry you had a bad experience, but most people won’t, and any problems are technically fixable.

  • Ed_Kel

    First time for everything I guess.. BarrellRoll caused my home and off button firmware to malfunction, ever heard of that? I kid you not, it turned on and off on its own, took pictures, pretty much anything you can do with your off button and home button or a combination of the two, it did. Google it man, jailbroken devices malfunction all the time and if it’s firmware, that malfunction will likely stay with the phone even after a restore.

  • Britta Gustafson

    Hardware issues *can’t* be caused by jailbroken tweaks. They just don’t have access to that level of the system. Tweaks are entirely at the software level, so restoring to stock firmware with iTunes entirely wipes out any trace of the jailbroken state. Seems like you ran into an unlucky coincidence. :(

  • Don Boys

    too bad Apple does not go after something like this and make it an official replacement… iOS5’s notifications are nice but this would make it even better.  have not jailbroken yet but might have to for this and other enhancements that would be nice

  • kernel_task

    I’m afraid you have no idea what you’re talking about. There is no “firmware” for the buttons, it’s just switches that drive a couple of GPIO pins on the system controller. The pins are then read directly by the kernel running on the iPhone which gets wiped and replaced every restore. There’s no way a jailbreak can affect the functionality of your buttons.

    There’s not really “firmware” per se on the phone, except the bootloader. Once the bootloader has finished loading the main system kernel, it’s no longer used. It plays no part in the normal operation of the device. Even the bootloader gets wiped and replaced every restore. The only stuff that doesn’t is ROM and can’t be changed by the jailbreak anyway. There’s firmware for wifi, touchscreen, etc., but those things are loaded by the kernel and are just files on the filesystem and yes, are wiped out with every restore.

    Quite simply, you jailbroke your phone, and then your hardware was damaged in some other fashion, and then you blamed the jailbreak. It’s quite impossible to damage an iPhone simply by jailbreaking it (though baseband unlocks had been risky back in 2007 because they reflashed baseband NOR).

  • Ed_Kel

    How could hardware be damaged in some other “fashion”? Cough it up to a coincidence, fine. As a software engineer, forgive me for being reluctant to assume coincidence. You didn’t see my phone, my camera roll, my recent call list. The phone had a mind of its own and it bricked, period.

  • Ed_Kel

    You are right, tweaks are at a software level. But so are viruses. Software can be written to do anything. If it was a kernel problem, or a filetype buried somewhere to alter the actions of hardware which BarrellRoll may have had since it was a package that used the home button, it very well could have been the cause of the problem. As I said in the above comment, I’m reluctant to say it was a coincidence. As a software engineer, again, I’ve seen weirder things happen.

  • Xzarcx

    I’m I the only one who things this is silly? shush!. I respect the devs. skill, but this is totally silly. Whats the use of locking your phone then, if anyone can just pick it up and read all your personal messages, even while your phone is locked.

    Apples approach is good and provides minimal info. ie. number of txt/mail/tweets etc. but it does not display the contact of ur txt/mail/tweets.


  • claysm

    I agree. I think notification center is a step in the right direction, but is by no means great.

  • Marc Johnson

    I like the power widget. That’s the one thing that I wish apple had added to their Notification Center. That, and the collapsible sections.

  • You Idiot

    Yes you are the only one who thinks this is silly. If you don’t want it, then don’t buy it. The purpose of this is so people that don’t like the “locking” feature can read everything they want without unlocking. People like me don’t care that anyone can pick up my phone and read my messages, mainly because my phone is always on me.

    This is just an option for people that want something different, so it may seem “silly” to you, but to others its a great feature. 

  • joel erskin

    I would lik

  • joel erskin

    I would like to see something like this for the AppleTV.  Something simply that displyed this info on the home screen.