Siri Comebacks: When Your iPhone Calls You A Queen




Let’s just say it: any smartphone that recognizes my lineage by calling me a queen is right as rain in my book. (Namely because it saves those tiring discussions about “You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” etc.)

The learning curve with Apple’s new iPhone 4S voice activated personal assistant Siri may or may not be steep – depending on your point of view – but a  Twitter feed launched Oct. 15 compiling the more unusual responses is exceedingly droll. 

Siri’s response to the annoyed question “Why is there so much effing rain outside?” was meet with an unruffled (Jeeve-ish?) “Yes, it appears to be raining, My Queen.”

Again, depending on your personal tolerance for word play and juvenile humor, you might get a few guffaws about how Siri responds to the request for a “happy ending.” It also answers, quite amusingly, such existential questions as  “Where’s my mind?” and “How do you like me?” or “Who is Jesus?”

Your call. But as we progress with personal digital assistants, the devil is certainly in the deets.

If you’ve got any good Siri retorts/gaffes/double entendres, you can submit Siri comebacks to the website or email

What’s the most surprising thing Siri has told you so far?


  • Luke Lucas

    link at the end is a teensy bit borked ;)

  • Nicole

    Teensy bit fixed, cheers!

  • Mike

    Can you watch the language?! I’ve enjoyed reading the articles on this site, but when the main image includes such blatant foul language, I’m tempted to take my interests elsewhere. I’d appreciate it if the editorial team would use some discretion. 

  • August Drilling

    You can have Siri call you different things. This person told Siri to call them “My Queen”. You just have to say “Call me (insert name)”. 

  • Daniel McConnaughy

    Eff the hater the language is fine we are all grown ups here and those of us that aren’t should have parents that watch what they read!

  • Best Siri Responses

    Thanks for the article about our site!  Much appreciated!

  • Shayle

    I sure wish people would take a moment to understand the technology before writing about it. As another person posted, you can put a nickname in the contacts, and Siri will use it. All this person had to do was put My Queen in the nickname field. I can make my Siri call me about anything I want.

  • foust

    Jeez, Nicole,  do you kiss your brother with that mouth?  

  • dwplay11

    Ask it : “what’s the best phone i can get?” Reply: “The one you’r holding…” hahaha

  • aga

    Was Siri not just interpreting the king in **king and responding in kind?

  • Thex1138

    Call me God,
    Ok God, What’s next?

  • Thex1138

    …. ‘I am God’

    Ok here’s your contact information:
    Shows my personal contact info

  • Robert Fickle IV

    Mile, stop being such a queen.

  • Janne_o

    OMG, I bet you felt all dirty after reading that oh so horrible word! Spent following 60 minutes in the shower huh? If only you could live in a cocoon that shields from all that “foul language”…

  • Jbar56

    Janne O, seriously, there is no need for the profanity. No I didn’t have to go shower. I thought about how low class it was as well as your comments. I’m sure you are the pig that farts in the group and laughs like it’s funny. NO CLASS!

  • OmicronFlyer

    I’m surprised that people haven’t figured out that you can ask Siri to call you ANYTHING.  Just say, “Siri, call me My Queen,” and after confirming, that is how she will refer to you in the future.  Other twists on this have been “Master,” “m’Lord,” and “Skunk.”

  • prof_peabody

    It’s a little lame to call someone out for “profanity” and then throw in a pig fart joke.  

  • Mister Hedge

    I really love the responses Siri gives. I’m not sure if this was inaccuracy or sarcasm, but yesterday I said “Why is it so chilly today, Siri?” to which she responded “It’s not chilly. It’s 45 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    My favorite, however, was when I was about to say something and my bf yelled “I need to hide a body!” and Siri responded with a list of places she had found: metal foundries, swamps, dumps, mines, and reservoirs. Your iPhone’s AI could be the perfect accomplice to murder, apparently.

  • Ben Carr

    There’s some pretty funny stuff on Some personal favorites:… and

  • Mister Hedge

    It wasn’t simply the nick name she was talking about. Siri seems to be responding with a bit of sarcasm, as well. Remove the “My Queen” bit and it reads as

     Nicole: Siri, why is there so much fucking rain outside?
    Siri: Yes, it appears to be raining. <shows a=”” filled=”” predictions=”” rain=”” report=”” weather=”” with=””>

    Being able to have her refer to you as “My Queen” is just the cherry on top.</shows>

  • Tcphoenixx

    lol you’ve got no life, it’s the internet loser, get used to it XD trolololol~

  • Tcphoenixx

    awww, poor thing, such foul and ignorant menagerie of language, your poor virgin eyes, sheesh grow a pair, it’s the web, it’s filled with foul-mouthed indignant hooligans who could care less what your thoughts are, me being one of ’em :)

  • Tcphoenixx

    awww, poor thing, such foul and ignorant menagerie of language, your poor virgin eyes, sheesh grow a pair, it’s the web, it’s filled with foul-mouthed indignant hooligans who could care less what your thoughts are, me being one of ’em :)