Siri Comebacks: When Your iPhone Calls You A Queen




Let’s just say it: any smartphone that recognizes my lineage by calling me a queen is right as rain in my book. (Namely because it saves those tiring discussions about “You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” etc.)

The learning curve with Apple’s new iPhone 4S voice activated personal assistant Siri may or may not be steep – depending on your point of view – but a  Twitter feed launched Oct. 15 compiling the more unusual responses is exceedingly droll. 

Siri’s response to the annoyed question “Why is there so much effing rain outside?” was meet with an unruffled (Jeeve-ish?) “Yes, it appears to be raining, My Queen.”

Again, depending on your personal tolerance for word play and juvenile humor, you might get a few guffaws about how Siri responds to the request for a “happy ending.” It also answers, quite amusingly, such existential questions as  “Where’s my mind?” and “How do you like me?” or “Who is Jesus?”

Your call. But as we progress with personal digital assistants, the devil is certainly in the deets.

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What’s the most surprising thing Siri has told you so far?