Surveillance App AirBeam Adds Audio Recording, Detection [App Update]



Since we posted about AirBeam’s free giveaway (it’s usually $4), developer Heiko Straulino has been busy improving his powerful iDevice surveillance app — and the newest update, released over the weekend, now let’s users stream and record audio as well, and adds an audio detection feature similar in function to motion detection.

The update lets users record both video and audio over a local wifi network, or over the web, to another iDevice running AirBeam or to the free Mac AirBeam app. The audio detection feature will trigger recording or alarms if it’s tripped.

The update also adds a heap of other improvements as well, like the ability to remotely switch the iPhone 4/4S’s  flashlight on, the ability to transfer recordings to the monitoring device and the ability to use audio recording in stealth mode, with the iPhone locked.

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    Its not free. It was free back in August when you posted the article. A little misleading don’t you think boys and girls?

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