Uncover A World Of Color Science For Free [Educational iPad App]



Color Uncovered is a neat little educational app for kids and grown-ups, all about the weird and mysterious science of color.

Each page shows you a puzzle, or an optical illusion, or a quick science experiment for you to try. Some might be things you’ve seen before, elsewhere on the internet, but the uniquely interactive way they’re presented here gives them a fresh new look nonetheless.

One experiment even invites you to put a single drop of water on your iPad’s screen (to show up the red, green and blue pixels that it uses to display millions of other colors). Just make sure it’s a single drop, and that you wipe it off carefully.

Each page also comes with a short “What’s going on?” text, which explains the science behind what you’re seeing. In many cases, your brain is getting hoodwinked into making you think you see one thing, when in fact you see another. That’s just how color works.

Color Uncovered was put together by a team at San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum. Kids will get more out of it than grown-ups, but it’s free, so you’ve nothing to lose – and probably a few things to learn – by grabbing yourself a copy now.

[xrr rating=90%]

  • OOZ & OZ

    Just tried the yellow/yellower test. Cool! Get’s you thinking about the how and the why. Delightful educational concept – optical illusion fun ap!