Preliminary Reports Surface About iPhone 4S Screen Quality Issues


Credit: chr0m
Credit: chr0m

There is an open discussion on Apple’s discussion forum where iPhone 4S owners are reporting problems they are having with their new phones display. The majority of complaints are about how the display has a yellow tint which is especially clear when you place the iPhone 4S next to an iPhone 4. There are other lesser complaints about color washouts and contrast in the same discussion thread.

This looks like a problem that plagued the iPhone 4 when it was initially released. That problem was due to the iPhone 4 shipping so quickly after it was built that screens continued to show signs of a yellow adhesive used during manufacturing. Eventually the yellow residue from the adhesive disappeared leaving a normal looking display.

Credit: chr0m

If you have one of these phones then what I would do if I were you is to call AppleCare and log a case. Previously people suggested that you wait one or two weeks for the residue to clear. I don’t think that is unreasonable considering the iPhone 4S has a one year warranty.

My iPhone 4S 32GB Black AT&T model seems just fine to me. I’ve enjoyed using it and speaking to Siri has been a lot of fun.

  • Yousuck

    cult of mac is a bunch of idiots posting this crap.. now everyone in the world is going to check there phones and say they have an issue even though they don’t good job causing an issue…jerks

  • sarno

    Actually they aren’t jerks at all. This is INDEED a problem. I took mine into the Apple store this weekend and they recognized the difference only to tell me they don’t have any replacement phones in yet only the retail ones. So I have to go back sometime this week to get it replaced. It’s QUITE noticeable. Hopefully it doesn’t affect too many people.

  • Jay

    No its not a problem iPhones were like this since the begining since the actual screens are from different suppliers.  Just about every iPhone side by side will look the the picture above..

  • Morituri Max

    Geesh, not again.  Really?  Haven’t we been through this before?  They sold 4 MILLION IPHONE 4Ss!!!  Let the phone cure for a few days and see if it goes away.. LIKE IT DID BEFORE!

  • Mestopinan

    Today I swapped for the second time my iPhone 4s. I camped Thursday night, made number three in line and got my upgraded 64 GB white 4s from a 32 GB black 4. My issue is with the car auxiliary. When jack is plugged in there is a noise similar to static. If the car charger is connected, the noise gets worse. When playing music if I pay close attention the noise remains in the background. I came back Saturday and they gave me a new one. Tried yesterday in different car, different cables, and compared to my old 4. The sound on the 4 comes out clean, 4s noisy. Had to end up coming back to Apple Store today and got my third phone in less than four day.

  • S. Mulji

    I dunno, my 4S seems fine to me.  I could be wrong but the color accuracy & sharpness seems but better than the iPhone 4 I had.

  • Ludwig1492

    See this is kind o opposite for me. I had a AT&T iPhone 4 then got my Verizon iPhone 4 i noticed the yellow tint on it. Now that i got my verizon iPhone 4S the screen on the 4S does not have the yellow tint on it. And this did not go away after a couple days neither it still persists now.

  • asbestos_man

    I checked my VZW iPhone 4S and my wife’s AT&T iPhone 4S and here is what I found:

    My VZW iPhone matches my previous AT&T iPhone 4 and my previous AT&T iPhone 4. Her iPhone 4S is a bit more yellow.

  • Marco_Ledesma

    The tint comes from the new lcd they used. It has more of a warm color then the cold one older iphones had. The yellow tint never goes away because it is the lcd screen itself thats more yellow than blue. You get used to it. And it makes the colors look better in my opinion

  • Eric

    My 32GB 4S looks fine. In fact I’ve noticed that its res is slightly better than my old iP4. And no yellowish tint.

  • Giumenti

    Got the same issue, hope there not all like this!

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    Yeah I have the same fucking issue and i went to the apple store on saturday and got it switched out but guess what?! when the guy came back it was the same fucking issue and then i went to the table where all the other iphone 4S’ were and they were all yellowy but they were all different tints…. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! So Im gonna wait like 2 weeks and see if it gets better if not then applecare will be getting a call from me.

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    How do you know that for sure? Where are your sources? Not being a dick but i just want to know for sure before i proceed with trying to get a new one and if thats the case then why does david have one that doesnt seem to be affected by this problem?

  • Marco_Ledesma

    Google iphone 4 screen tints. Cant seem to post a link to the forum site i got this from. I had the original iphone 4 with the blue tint, then the home button got busted so i got a replacement. Low and behold, the replacement had the yellow tint. Looked it up online and it seems that this is mot really an issue, just a different screen they used. Google it bro. Yellow tint is actually pretty slick. Iphone 4s of mine has it. I think the quality of the screen is better. Took a few days to get used to it though. It bugged the crap out of me when i first had it

  • Mike C

    try turning off the radios

  • Max

    Early adopters have it rough…
    Anyway I’ve heard that Samsung makes some great displays, but they’re also very selective with their customers… Ehm..

  • diseri

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  • Rongon

    Before this was posted, no one could actually notice it… now, everyone is seeing yellow tint.

    Cult of Mac fails yet again!

  • MacHead

    Exactly this is all psychological, reports could have said the 4 screen now has a blue tint to it and people who all see that its too blue. So stupid

  • James Beer

    I noticed it straight away last night when i held them side by side. Am gutted as have waited so long for this and now I have to try and get a replacement that doesn’t have the same problem. Gahhh

  • Spanishdesigner

    folks, I think this is serious…cuz i find it extremely annoying. Do yourself a favor and check out this video on Youtube. It clearly shows how bad this issue is !! God…Apple products are so rushed !!

  • MrVukas

    The regular iPhone 4 had this same problem. Trust me the Apple store thought I was crazy when I got my first white iPhone from VZW when it launched. It’s because Apple uses 2 screen manufacturers that don’t have the same quality control. 

  • MacHead

    Youre gutted? By a display that has a warm color temp as opposed to cool color temp? Way over react much? Like the article says if this is from adhesive itll go away quickly. However, this could just be the color temp apple wants on  the iPhone 4S

  • sarno

    Apple is one of the most consistent deliberate companies on the planet. There’s no way they would introduce a phone with 2 different looking displays. As for an earlier poster commenting that it looks better. Trust me it doesn’t! Colors are dull and yellow, not bright and saturated. Can’t wait to replace mine.

  • James Beer

    I say I’m gutted because i work with colours on screens all day long and I notice it too much. It is almost like a sepia tone that has been caused by too much yellow in the screen settings but alas it is the glue they used that hasn’t dried or some funny excuse. I just want the same screen as I had before.

  • James Beer

    I noticed it as I own both the 4 and 4s. This was a relief that I was not alone in thinking that. Cult of Mac WIN!

  • BuckyThreadkiller

    I’ve got the 64g model and have noticed a couple of things – 
    1. the screen is noticeably warmer in color than my 3GS was.I dunno about yellow, but definitely not the cool blue of the the 3GS.

    2. It also seems that the auto brightness control doesn’t give as much response. I’ve had to bump the brightness up on the phone, and as we all know, more brightness eats batteries. 

    3.This is an iOS5 issue – I have icons that just disappear – the name is there but there’s a blank hole where the icon should be. Weird. 

  • I Walker1175

    I have a iphone 4 and a friend of mine as just got a 4s and after reading this article and comparing our phones, I can see no difference at all ! They both look fantastic to me.

  • Paul Georgiou

    Having really enjoyed the display on my iPhone 4 for the past year my yellow 4S screen looks ugly in comparison. When I drop $1000 AUD on a phone I don’t want it to look worse than my old one.

  • BJGraham

    Love my 4S, but the warmer color temperature is really starting to bother me. I couldn’t quite place what it was originally, but if you look at the CMYK test panel, it really messes up whites (

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Have to chime in on this.  The iPhone 4 glue problem was a yellowish corner, as if the screen needed settling in– not the OTHER iP4 problem which was a yellower cast on the screen on SOME phones, especially the refurbished ones (serial #s starting with 5, or some 61…).

    Just Google iPhone 4 yellow screen and you’ll find photos comparing the two.

    Now, I have to tell you all that the white-black supposed difference in yellow vs. white screens may well be due to a contrast effect in the phone’s edge!

    I have two iPhone 4s right now.  One is yellowish cast, the other the cooler blue.  Strangely, as soon I put on a white Otter Box silicone wrap around, the “yellow” IP4 looks white and the other one starts looking far too blue!

  • Anjy

    The new series of iPhone
    4S issues
    have consistently irritated the users, but something like
    an upgraded Bluetooth and the out of the world features like Siri have
    successfully made the new Apple device a run away hit.

  • Anna

    i like this….i personally have a iphone myself! and love it……So thanks 4 telling me i needed  to know what problems it may have

  • Anna