The iPhone 4S Is Significantly Louder Than the iPhone 4



Do you find the iPhone 4 is a little too quiet for you? I certainly do, especially in crowded places. But thankfully, the speaker on the new iPhone 4S is significantly louder than its predecessor, as demonstrated in this video.

I noticed the difference when I first opened up my iPhone 4S and started playing around with it on Saturday morning, and the guys over at iDownloadBlog have put together this video to show the difference in volume between each device.


As you can see, there is a significant difference, which iDB says is at least 6 decibels.

Is your iPhone 4S louder than your iPhone 4?

  • berianlowe

    I did notice this, I just thought I was going mad. Sometimes when I send a message the keyboard click is deafening. 

  • Gregz0r1

    Although I’ve yet to get my 4GS, I’ve noticed a steady improvement in the speaker’s quality and loudness with every iPhone version.
    I remember the original iPhones speaker to be very low and poor quality.

  • Jholton05

    Yes, I have noticed that. It scares the hell out of me when it rings. I had to turn it down, but it still seems louder. I love it!!

  • Jackson Myers

    I also noticed that the vibration buzzer thing makes less of an audible sound when it buzzes but it makes the same feeling as the old iPhone which is great. It always bugged me that if I put my iPhone 4 on silent overnight, the buzz sound would wake me up. With the 4S that is no longer an issue.

  • Ahc2011

    Yes! I noticed that this morning as it was the first time I used the alarm since upgrading to a 4S and the alarm was significantly louder than on my 4.

  • berendsrob

    I noticed this morning when my alarm went off.. thought I was in a club! :P

  • Doug L.

    Like many below, I noticed it with the alarm.  It was really loud.  My iPhone 4 was much quieter.  I compared the same ringtone on my iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s using the dB Meter Pro app on both phones.  The peak level on the iPhone 4 was 77 dB while it was 86 dB on the iPhone 4s.

    Apparently, someone was paying attention at Apple regarding the sound not being loud enough on earlier phones…


  • Bluelou65

    the speaker is very good.  i was working in the yard this weekend and instead of headphones i just pulled up pandora and put the 4S in my pocket.  it sounded really good.  i upgraded from a 3G so there obviously was a big jump in quality but i was really impressed.

  • pixelbud

    I noticed that too. The buzz is much more subtle yet you can still feel it. And the speaker is much louder.

  • tekunoloji


  • FriarNurgle

    Siri, why are you yelling at me?

  • Dave Leyland

    Great Video! I also noticed this on my comute to work. I was able to listen to my podcasts without external speakers. I could never do this with the iPhone 4.

  • MacHead

    The 4S is damn loud!!

  • funnyandspicy

    Each time a new iPhone comes out, it’s a slight
    improvement over the last.Let’s go down the memory lane and figure out the
    people and technology.

  • Rob

    Yes! So much better!

  • RudyHooks

    Been waiting for this, Awesome!

  • AppleFan

    EXCELLENT TEST…ooops, sorry about that.

  • Priyank modi

    Is that something to do with ios 4.3…or ios 5…i think ios makes the difference…I had the similar observarion on ipad2.

  • Greg Smith

    maybe you shouldn’t be “that guy” listening to his iphone on speaker in crowded public places.  Everyone HATES that guy.

  • Dlconway


  • TylerHoj

    I’d like to see the test done with two brand new units as a side by side. The speakers on the iPhone 4 could wear out over time. But still, interesting test. All of these small tweaks from the iPhone 4 are really starting to add up and prove how much of an upgrade it really is to an iPhone 4S. Damn…I need to get me that phone! 

  • Loza888

    we have tested this , i got an iphone 4 on the same day my husband got the 4s , i took my 4  back to the shop today thinking the speakers were faulty as is so quiet in comparison to be told nothing wrong with it is because the 4s is better ?