Create And Use Your Own Custom Gestures In iOS 5 [Video How-To]



iOS 5 includes a handy new feature that allows you to create your own custom multi-touch gestures. Although dubbed as an accessibility feature, it serves a larger function that that. In this video, I’ll show you how to create custom gestures, and use them to your benefit.

  • Kuipo

    To scroll to the top of most pages or emails or whatever…  you can click the top bar on the screen (I’m sure you already know this, but I’m just reminding others in case they didn’t know since I didn’t see you mention it).


  • Bernardo Siqueira

    wow, really cool! now i won’t have to use my home button anymore! thank you so much!

  • Michael Steeber

    you’re welcome!

  • kcdk99

    Thank you so much, now I don’t have to flick my finger to scroll any more!!  All I have to do is set up a gesture, put up with that annoying dot/panel in the lower right corner, and go through the multiple-gesture process of starting up the gesture.  Amazing!!  What a helpful time-saver!!

  • Chris

    unless you can assign function to the gestures (switch apps, show multitasking bar, press homebutton, etc), this is useless. that gesture-menu is more annoying than it helps

  • guest

    Can you make a video of notification center and voice over?

  • Neo Pingsta Ping

    I really don’t like the small dot in the corner, it’s so weird.

  • Brandon

    How did you activate Multitouch Gestures? I saw it was on in your settings.

  • Brooks Hanes

    If you want to save more time stop commenting on blogs.

  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    This is really cool, while I can’t think of a use case right now I’m sure in a years time I will find the perfect situation for this and will be glad I know about it. 

  • Asorta

    How to create gesture to close all open apps?

  • MacGoo

    I noticed this on my iPad 2 yesterday – haven’t experimented with it yet, but it seems like a hidden gem.

  • Dreamgrifter Films

    I’d really like to link custom gestures, like drawing a circle, with opening iMessage or something like that.  Maybe in next iOS SW release…

  • djrobsd

    A big waste of time.

  • Michael Steeber

    thanks for sharing.

  • Michael Steeber

    I’m hoping for that too!

  • Michael Steeber

    not possible right now.

  • Starter

    Is it possible, to open the Multitasking Bar with this? Or swichting from App to the next, similar to the original Multitasking Gestures? I use a iPad 1 and Apple deactivated them with iOS 5, is there a possibility to do something similar without Jailbreak?

  • SodiumChloride

    Double click the virtual “home button”.

  • Nugget

    With ios 5 on ur iPad, use 4-5 fingers on the screen and scroll up

  • Scott

    I would love for a way to create custom gestures to turn on / off wifi / bluetooth / gps, etc!

  • Back2Good

    Your a sarcastic smartass, and refuse to see the reasoning behind this article and the ACCESSIBILITY FEATURE… it discusses. (Accessibility is the purpose behind the feature.)Although your a Troll and I typically despise trolls, I’ll do you a favor and educate you about something you apparently already know but just like to troll blogs being un-funny and using your sad excuse for sarcasm. (Ok, Sir know-it-all but, don’t know jack. Here’s todays lesson!) Once the gesture is set up, it’s useful while scrolling through a long web page. As for the annoying dot, it can be moved to almost any location on the screen you’d like. Also, I’d like to add…the gesture feature wasn’t created with just you and your selfishness in mind. It’s intended purpose was meant for people such as myself, which have arthritis or other hand debilitating diseases, that make it difficult to navigate the small screen. (eg: constant scrolling a web page, book or long post such as mine and, especially in using the pinch to zoom function.) End of today’s lesson. Sir Troll-allot. If you need any other life or iPhone lessons, Please feel free to contact me at… Thanks, Happy Trolling.

  • Back2Good

    A waste of your time maybe but, people with disabilities sure appreciate the features. eg: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome ect…

  • Back2Good

    When I discoverd the settings for the first time I remember thinking alright this is awesome! Until I figured out that it didn’t do exactly what you mentioned, then I said awe damn! Its still useful to me, as i have trouble moving my fingers without them cramping and freezing Lol. But then again, maybe they will implement it as you also stated.

  • Back2Good

    We can only hope they think as we do and implement those features. That’ll be great!