Apple Stock Closes at All Time High of $422 Per Share



After weeks of wild price swings, Apple’s stock closed today at its highest value ever, $420 a share. The previous high was about $413; many were expecting that value to fall tremendously when (my hero) Steve Jobs passed, but to much surprise Apple’s stock remained relatively unaffected by his passing.

The new high comes right before Apple’s Q4 FY11 earnings report and conference call next week (Tuesday, Oct. 18th). This will of course be their first earnings call since Steve Jobs’ passing, and though I think the report will be their usual “we made ALL the money we win” type, whatever success they have had will surely be sobered by the loss of their visionary CEO and friend Steve Jobs.

  • Marcus Schoen

    I finally found the time to invest in Apple (@390 pts.), so far I have been rewarded. If there is anyone extensively knowledgeable on stock trade, I would like an estimate on the amount of points needed until Apple stock splits again.

  • Travisharger

    How about them apples.