Do You Have Your iPhone 4S Golden Ticket? Tell Us All About It!




The lines to buy an iPhone 4S are forming across the US with the East coast getting a head start and only 16 minutes before Apple Stores open in the Central Time Zone. By now Apple has issued the proverbial golden tickets to anxious iPhone 4S buyers in those lines. Are you one of the lucky ticket holders?

If you are we’d like to know about it, your experience in the line, comments about the purchase and activation experience, and what you think about your iPhone 4S. If you encounter any problems we want to know about those too.

We also urge you to visit Cult of Mac later for the latest iPhone 4S news and our coverage about any problems early adopters encounter. We’ll post fixes for those issues when available later this afternoon and throughout the weekend.

So leave us a comment about your iPhone 4S launch day experiences.

  • Jfountai

    closest apple store is like 4 hours away (i live in south GA). went to best buy at 6am. no one was in line. by 7:30 2 other guys were in line with me. BB came out and said they only have 16gig verizon and att. So i went to the Verizon store accross the street. 14 people in line. The acted like they had plenty and every one in line, 20 by the time the doors opened got what they wanted. No problems. 

  • Dustin

    Went to verizon w/out a pre-order waited in line for about 10 minutes and was out of there with the phone in about a half hour. Will never wait in those Apple store lines again.

    One question though, if anyone can help me out. The guy helping me out didn’t set up Siri, does anyone know how I can go back and do that? Thanks 

  • SupaMac

    its in the settings for the phone. click on siri then switch it to “on.”

  • SupaMac

    its in the settings for the phone. click on siri then switch it to “on.”

  • SupaMac

    Sitting comfortably in my bed waiting for the UPS man to bring me my phone. No lines here. Just TV and relaxin.

    …and David, you got a black iPhone? How boring!

  • Chris

    what’s there to set up?

  • SupaMac

    Apparently the default setting for Siri is turned off. All you have to do is simply turn it on.

  • Buzz

    The Sprint store didn’t have any 32 GB 4S, but the manager said he had “lots” of iPhone 4, which of course was new to Sprint today.  The guy showed me his computer screen, which said there were only 8000 32 GB 4S available in the entire USA as of 8 a.m. ET, and by 8:15 the number had dropped to below 5500.  My two 4S will be at the store via UPS on Monday afternoon.

  • joewaylo

    I didn’t pre-order in store. It would be a $499 golden ticket.

  • DavidWMartin

    I’m waiting for mine to get delivered. I didn’t sit in line this time like I did the last time for the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. Boring? No just practical it matches my favorite color shoes and belts – black. lol

  • Popeyesmith

    Trying to activate the 4S and getting message that the the system could not complete activation and will email me when it can. The phone can’t connect to the server.

  • Alejandro Ogata

    Can’t activate iphone either “problem connecting to server”

  • Aberguy1102

    Still can’t activate out of the box, activation error!!

  • TDurden

    UPS delivered my phones this morning. AT&T activation server is overloaded. Waiting for email to confirm activation.

  • Jason McGee

    Still can’t activate here either… waiting for my email :(

  • Phil

    DAMN AT&T, Get some better servers you cowards!!! We pay you hundreds of dollars a month, you BETTER get some good servers for next year’s launch or ELSE!!!