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Dream Job: Apple Advertising For 3D Modeler To Make Concept Products


Apple is advertising for a rare job inside its design studio. The studio is ultra secretive. The new design documentary, Objectified, from which this still of Jonny Ive is taken, is one of the few films to shoot inside the studio.

Apple is advertising a rare job in its storied design department — and it’s a cool one.

Apple is looking for a computer modeling expert to make 3D renderings of concept products.

“CAD sculptor/digital 3D modeler needed to create high quality CAD models used in the industrial design and development of new products,” says the job posting on the Dezeenjobs website.

Headed by Jonny Ive, Apple’s design department is one of the most famous industrial design groups in the world. Employing about a dozen world-class designers, the studio is responsible for a string of trendsetting products, starting with the original iMac (which launched an industry see-through electronics) to the iPod and it’s iconic white earbuds.

Whoever gets the job will be one of the first people in the world to get a peek at whatever Apple is working on. Only CEO Steve Jobs and a handful of top executives get to see products in development.

The vast majority of Apple employees don’t see a final product until the day it is launched, even if they helped build it. Software programmers never see the actual hardware, and hardware engineers work on bulky prototypes housed in big polypropylene boxes.

Only the design department gets to see the final shape of the new product, and the studio is ultra-secretive. Housed in a nondescript building off Apple’s main campus, entry is limited to a chosen few. Even Apple’s previous CEO, John Sculley, was denied entrance. His electronic badge wouldn’t let him (he threw a fit).

The job sounds cool, but the job posting warns it is not a design job, nor a stepping-stone to a design job. Too bad.

The full job posting after the jump:

Dezeenjobs: Apple in California are looking for a CAD sculptor/digital 3D modeler:

CAD Sculptor/Digital 3D Modeler

CAD sculptor/digital 3D modeler needed to create high quality CAD models used in the industrial design and development of new products. This is not a design position.

The CAD sculptor is responsible for interpreting and defining the design intent of the industrial designer using Alias software while working with mechanical engineering, manufacturing and tooling requirements. 3D CAD data is used to develop product concepts and details for appearance models and renderings as well as production level surfaces used for engineering and tooling.

This position requires an advanced understanding and use of 3D surface modeling software, preferably Alias Studio or Rhino. Also helpful if the candidate is familiar with rendering/ visualization software tools, various CAD file format translations, and mechanical design of molded plastic parts.

The CAD Sculpting team is integral to the design and development of current and future Apple products. Candidate must have excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills and must be deadline-driven. At least one to three years experience in industrial design, model making, and product design, or related field is desired; however, a recent graduate with the right skill set will be considered.

Proficiency in Alias Studio or a similar surface modeler is required, and an understanding of Unigraphics or other solid modeling CAD packages is preferred. BS or BA in Industrial Design, Transportation Design, 3D Animation/Modeling, Fine Arts or Engineering desirable.

Candidates must keep in mind that this is not a designer position nor is it a stepping-stone to a designer position.

Please submit resume and portfolio to cadjob@apple.com