Many iCloud Users Are Having Issues This Morning, Apple’s Already Working On A Fix


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We’ve been getting a lot of reports this morning that iCloud is down for many users around the world, and Apple’s own iCloud system status page confirms it.

While it’s natural to fear a MobileMe style debacle, we’re guessing that this is just related to iCloud being hit with an unfathomable amount of early adopter traffic, and will settle down shortly as Apple brings up more servers to cope.

Still, if iCloud is timing out for you or loading incredibly slowly, it’s not just you: the rest of us are having these problems too.

  • Declan Tyrrell

    I trying to access my mail on my iMac using iCloud but I keep getting incorrect password. Is anyone else having this issue as it has been working fine before this.

  • alex

    Yeah… I can’t access my MobileMe(iCloud) email from any device or

  • Mastamark2020

    yep me too, incorrect password on all my devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac, macbook pro)

  • Xeo

    same here in france

  • Abishop3

    Yeah I’m getting the same thing on my iPhone.

  • alex

    Yeah having this issue. It was working on and off on my computer and working fine on my phone, now its working on neither.

  • alex

    It’s good to know we aren’t alone…

  • Chris

    I think the iCloud mail only works with the new (or old) .me adress, not with gmx for least my iCloud doesn’t show the gmx account on the iCloud website

  • TheRealLinx

    Same here too across all devices…. There servers must have been getting blitzed in the Data centre. I know people hate it but this is why is is best to stagger feature releases sometimes. Even by just a few days between territories. Tech is never infallible ,this is why I never had a go at the BB Fanboys. If it occurs constantly…. well that is another argument….. LOL. Lets hope it gets sorted soon eh!

  • Loop

    Same here.  Incorrect password on all devices.

  • Denisbrassard

    Me 2 in USA cannot connect to my iCloud

  • TheRealLinx

    Now I cannot Save contacts from the Browser too. 
    “Your changes to this contact couldn’t be saved because of a server error. Please try again”
    Tried 6 times! 

  • Denisbrassard

    Grrrrrrrr mi iCloud doesn’t work…….

  • MacInfo

    Yeah, the same issue in Austria

  • mikeburgener

    i cloud works on all apps other than mail.  it does not recognize my password!!  grrrr!! 

  • mikeburgener

    i have been waiting on support chat for well over an hour trying to chat with apple advisor!! WTF!

  • Lewpop

    Servers are overwhelmed. Cannot get mail error message is erroneous.

  • Tom

    Same situation in Switzerland. Boring.

  • PorkWilliam

    If Steve were still alive, Apple staff would be hanging by their balls over this debacle; Find My iPhone on the iCloud website tells me that I have Location Services switched off, but I don’t!!!!

  • alex

    Starting working just now..

  • BampyGutters

    I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, after using Apple products since 1981, thinking of ditching Apple and moving to Linux; neither myself nor any one of my work colleagues, friends or family can get iCloud stuff to work…

  • Greg Wallace

    Beside the fact that my mail isn’t currently working can anyone tell me if its possible to mount my online storage like we could with idisk?

  • FriarNurgle

    FYI, iCloud client won’t work with XP.

  • Hilton979

    That is stupid.  Steve was in charge for lots of Apple failures. 

  • UnclePeter

    But nothing like this; this is like a New-Age nightmare compared to the original problems with MobileMe.

  • TannerBott

    iCloud was working for me a bit this morning but right now doesn’t seem to be working to well at all, like a lot of you it’s saying my password is wrong and it’s clearly not

  • London Lad1990

    Out of all of my extensive network of work colleagues, friends and family who all have iOS devices, NONE of them can get iCloud to work. This is all a load of bollocks…

  • Rich Berger

    This is a mere temporary problem. this bigger and more ridiculous issue is how Apple has no viable means of combining everyones’ old MobileMe user ID’s and their Apple Store IDs, which for most people are two different IDs. 

    Right now it seems like I have to choose whether I want to sync my mail/calendars or my apps/music, but I don’t get both. 


  • Woodscribble

    Glad I’m not stuck in an elevator with some of you. Take a breath and stop pushing the buttons.

  • ned

    will it be possible to change an existing, non email apple id i.e. “jsmith” (from original itunes account) to an email id that functions with icloud?  I had to create a new @me account in order to setup the ios 5 but none of my purchases are on that account…will my 10 years of purchases not be accessible by icloud?  

  • Dedalin

    It is a good idea to add a back up server. I use my server as a back up when iCloud slows down…

  • Harley

    Yep.  Same problem.  Not sure whether to delete and reinstall the mail accounts.  Or just wait it out.

  • ned

    at apple id site this function doesn’t work
    Make your Apple ID and primary email address one and the same.
    Your Apple ID will be easier to remember, and your account will be easier to access and manage.
    Change your Apple ID and primary email address to:

  • Casey

    But from what Ive read they are letting you use two different accounts for iCloud and Apple store.For instance my wife and I shared a Apple Id for music/apps. Now with iCloud Im using the same ID but she created a new iCloud account but is using  the old Apple ID for music/apps

  • Casey

    Time will tell

  • arekos

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  • minimalist1969

    I switched over at midnight and got one email from Apple on my iCloud account.   Since then that email has stopped working on my iPhone, my iPad, my laptop, the iCloud web app, and my desktop.  I get nothing but errors on all of them.   12 hours later and email is still out.   Photostream does not appear to be working either.  All other iCloud functions see to work fine.

  • nostatic

    Nope. Lots of us with old, legacy .me accounts are locked out of iCLoud on iOS5. I’ve been trying to sync with my iPhone all day and it’s closing me out of my old mobile me account. Horrible, horrible product launch here.

  • jimmyjame

    Moved over to iCloud perfectly fine a few days ago without hiccup till i installed iCloud Control Panel for Windows 7 and well there is were it all falls down the hill..

    I have been trying to sign in to iCloud on Windows 7 for the past day and it just sits there when i add at the end of the username but when i just put the username it has issues and says “Server Error” this is getting annoying

  • Dillon Schultz

    the mail feature isn’t working for me