Couple To Celebrate Steve Jobs Day By Getting Married At Apple Store



To celebrate Steve Jobs Day this Friday, Erica Montelongo and Gunter Zieber are getting married at their local Apple Store.

“Gunter admired Steve Jobs and this is how he wanted to celebrate Steve Jobs Day,” said Montelongo, 34. “And when you add in Tiffany and Co., how could a girl say no?”

The couple plan to get married at 5PM at the Apple Store Bellevue Square in Washington, near Microsoft’s campus. Indeed, Zieber, 50, is retired used to work for Microsoft.

“The wonderful staff from Apple Store and the Bellevue Square Mall anticipates a large crowd and have marked off a small space for our ceremony,” Montelongo said.

Even with a space roped off, the event might be a zoo. Friday is the same day the new iPhone 4S is released.

Via Bellevue Komo.

  • Erica Montelongo

    Wow, thanks Mr. Kahney for the wonderful article about our wedding. 
    Just one clarification…Gunter (my sweetheart) did not retire from Microsoft, he resigned in very good standing…He says, “I resigned and NEVER looked back!”  Gunter admires Steve Jobs for his innovation and simplicity.
    Thank You,
    Erica M.

  • Pawe?

    stupid people… wow:/

  • Xxdjpaulyxx

    hmm…. is #stevejobsday about Steve Jobs or these two love birds?

  • Wayne Harrel

    congrats, dude!

  • Wikileaks is Democracy

    Hello Erica,
    The setting you chose is so cool. Are you given a time length restriction at all? Are any Apple employees directly involved in teh ceremony? Congrats.

  • CharliK

    I’m sorry, your love of Apple etc aside, I feel bad for anyone that wants to attend your wedding. The moment you found out that was the iPhone launch day you should have changed plans. Now instead of a geeky but potentially sweet little to do you are going to subject folks to a mad house of noise and possible abuse by pissed off folks in line that are going to be forced to wait outside due to fire codes that restrict the number of people in the building while you do your thing. Not really very cool in the end. 

    Actually more to the point I suppose I’m shocked that the staff didn’t cut you off the moment they knew that was phone day. So blame on both sides

  • EMZ

    I appreciate your passion but I promise, no one will be “forced to wait outside”…It’s not going to be a “mad house of noise or possible abuse”, I assure you no fire codes will be broken…and no need for any “blame”…our ceremony will not impose on the good folks waiting in line…Come on, it is a happy day, on both sides…

  • EMZ

    Thanks…The Apple Staff have been great but they are not involved.  The ceremony is very short (mins.) and out of the way of everything…but I do have a surprise for Gunter?! Take Care!

  • lkahney

    Erica — I fixed the post about Gunter’s resignation. Would you send me a report about the wedding, plus pictures or video? I’d love to do a followup post. Send it to leander (AT)

    Best of luck with the wedding!

  • EMZ

    Sure thing, thanks for the good vibes and for the update…So many folks are sharing in the love and ‘get it’…If you go to and type in “ericalvn03” you can check out the proposal from Tiffany and Co. 

  • Michael Ginsberg

    Today is the launch of the iPhone 4S, EVERY Apple store is going to be swamped all day today.  Yikes…

  • Jeannette Salazar

    This is really cool! So happy for you sis! Wish I was there to celebrate your special day.  Lots of LOVE from TEXAS! :)

  • Wikileaks is Democracy

    Hello Erica,
    Yes, after the ceremony, you or one of your friends keep in touch with Leander’s website so that we can read the report and view images. But the main thing is your and Gunther’s wedding and afterwards, not the report/images. Cheers

  • EMZ

    Hello Folks,
    I just emailed Leander about the wedding with pics! We had a wonderful time. Thanks for the best wishes and we love ya Steve Jobs…thanks for bringing the world to our finger tips…you brought us all closer together!
    Erica M. Z.

  • EMZ

    thanks SIS, wish ya were here!