Couple To Celebrate Steve Jobs Day By Getting Married At Apple Store



To celebrate Steve Jobs Day this Friday, Erica Montelongo and Gunter Zieber are getting married at their local Apple Store.

“Gunter admired Steve Jobs and this is how he wanted to celebrate Steve Jobs Day,” said Montelongo, 34. “And when you add in Tiffany and Co., how could a girl say no?”

The couple plan to get married at 5PM at the Apple Store Bellevue Square in Washington, near Microsoft’s campus. Indeed, Zieber, 50, is retired used to work for Microsoft.

“The wonderful staff from Apple Store and the Bellevue Square Mall anticipates a large crowd and have marked off a small space for our ceremony,” Montelongo said.

Even with a space roped off, the event might be a zoo. Friday is the same day the new iPhone 4S is released.

Via Bellevue Komo.