Deals: Get This Stunning Photo Effects Mini-Bundle For 83% Off [Save $180]


Color Splash Studio - Rally Car Photo

So, you’re the next Ansel Adams, eh?  Well, dear reader, then we have a beauty of a deal for you this week.  Say hello to the Mac Photo Effects Mini-Bundle!

This bundle is a pretty special one, so we’ll break this down easy for you. You get three cutting-edge Mac Photography Apps for less than the price of just one:

  1. FX Photo Studio Pro ($39.99 retail) – Bring a brand new image processing experience to your Mac. Get access to over 170 magnificent photography effects.
  2. Color Splash Studio ($1.99 retail) – A brand-spanking new Mac App lets you create amazing photos with selective colors in a snap. No similar app offers the same!
  3. InstaDesk ($4.99 retail) – This Instragram Client for Mac OS lets you easily browse your photos or explore your friends and not only that, but you can comment on pictures, like them, download them, or watch them in slideshows to boot.

That’s right, you can get all three of these stellar apps for a measly $35. That’s $5 less than the cost of FX Photo Studio Pro alone!

And for the first 500 buyers we’re going to throw in four additional licenses for both FX Photo Studio Pro and Color Splash Studio for FREE. You get 11 licenses for LESS THAN the price of one. Altogether, the bundle is worth $210. And we’re offering it at 83% off, saving you $180.

Maybe you’re thinkin’: “What am I gonna do with all them hot apps?” Well Napoleon, since we all know how cheap you are, it’s not too often you get to be the hero — so here’s your chance.

Give them to your Twitter peeps, your Facebook amigos, your cousin who just bought that fancy new iPhone 4S. Bet he’d appreciate some whiz-bang photography software to go with it! Heck, even Grandma is on Instagram now; might as well throw her a bone too.

Visit the deal page to really dig into what these apps have to offer. If you’re a photography buff, this is your chance to take it to the next level.

I’ll leave you with my favorite review for FX Photo Studio Pro from the Mac App Store:

I have years of Photoshop and Lightroom usage, and don’t trust most of other photo apps. But now see how this one is different and it is a must have photo app for me now. The variety of presets is amazing, people who say different simply have no understanding of photography whatsoever. I like the way UI is built – very simple and stylish. A VERY good app, worth every penny.