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Abvio’s Fitness App Triplets Get iOS 5 Notifications, ANT+ Support




Last week was just a little more sweet than bitter for Apple devotees who also happen to be fitness junkies. That’s because Abvio’s trio of fitness apps — Runmeter, Walkmeter and Cyclemeter (which we’ve raved about) — have been granted two big upgrades, namely iOS 5-style notifications, and something we’ve been waiting a long time for: the ability to gather data from ANT+ dongles like Wahoo’s Fisica.

The ANT+ support is a big deal — it’ll allow the apps to record data from sensors like heart-rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors. The notifications, as far as we know, make Abvio’s the first health apps to come notification-center ready; although I’m not sure how useful those notifications’ll be; I’m almost never out of the Cyclemeter app when I’m using it on a ride.

And as an additional kick in the butt to get you off the couch, Wahoo is offering Abvio users 10 percent off on Wahoo gear (actually, it doesn’t look like you even have to actually be an Abvio user). Head off to Abvio’s blog for more info about the new update and the deal.