Deals: A Few Hours Left to Save 66% Off of Disk Drill Pro



Just a quick heads-up: there’s only a few hours left to take advantage of our Disk Drill Pro promotion at Cult of Mac Deals. Disk Drill Pro is a great file-recovery utility — your go-to app when it comes to protecting and restoring files that may have been “permanently” deleted or otherwise damaged.

If you’ve ever cussed at your computer for corrupting a file or accidentally deleting something you needed later… read on.

Disk Drill Pro is a life-saver when it comes to recovering lost data on your Mac in almost any situation. And you can score it now for 66% until midnight PST tonight. Start protecting your data against data loss now for just $30!

Don’t wait until you truly need this app and then have to cough up the full $89. Make a small investment now… save a bundle later.

  • Jason

    Accidentally deleted the images from a clients photo shoot this week and after some quick research decided to give this one a try. Saved my A#%! I was in a panic and not only did Disk Drill Pro work perfectly and allow me to retrieve my deleted files, but it was incredibly simple to use. Thumbs Up and also a killer deal with the sale!

  • Mike Morgan

    It’s 11:10pm PDT and I just tried to buy it both via credit card and paypal but your site is giving me an error.

  • Josh

    Apologies for that Mike.  We responded to your email.  Were you able to complete your purchase?

  • Dan Lavie

    Was glad to win the DiskDrill on twitter, but never got a serial for the app or instructions on how to get it.

    What a shame.