Track Your iPhone 4S’ Shipping Progress in Realtime With Just Your Phone Number [How-To]



Are you getting antsy to get your shiny new toy but Apple is still showing your iPhone 4S as “Preparing for Shipment”? I’m not sure why the Apple system is not showing actual tracking for many, but trust me, your iPhone is likely already on the move. Follow the simple steps below to get your actual tracking information in realtime.

To get started, go to this UPS URL:

Next, click the “Track by Reference” link to expand that box.

Screen Shot 2011 10 12 at 11 50 59 AM

Then simply enter the phone number associated with your Apple account in the “Shipment Reference” field (this should be the phone number you’ll be using on the new iPhone you’re waiting for) and then hit the “Track” button.

iphone 4s reference tracking 2

Done! You should be seeing your actual tracking number and all relevant tracking information.

iphone 4s reference tracking 3