Apple Begins International Roll-Out of iTunes in the Cloud



Following its unveiling at WWDC back in June, users in the U.S. have been able to enjoy the iTunes in the Cloud beta, which allows them to re-download content purchased from the iTunes Store. Users in other parts of the world were left out, and we were led to believe that iTunes in the Cloud would be U.S.-only upon its launch. Today, however, Apple is rolling out the feature internationally.

MacRumors reports that users in Canada and the United Kingdom are now able to access the iTunes in the Cloud feature, though it’s unclear whether the service has reached other parts of the world at this point. Those who do have access to the service now should find a new ‘Purchased’ tab within the iTunes app, similar to that in the App Store app, which will allow them to re-download certain content.

The service also supports automatic download across your devices, allowing you to purchase a track on your iPhone and have it sent instantly to your iPad and your Mac.

Has iTunes in the Cloud been activated for you yet?