iOS 5 to Drop at 10 AM PST/6PM BST [Rumor]



Itching to get iOS 5 onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Yeah, so are we. But according to one man, it won’t arrive until 10 AM PST/6PM GMT.

Robert Shoesmith, famous for his iPhone Experiment which has had him camping outside Apple’s flagship Covent Garden store for the iPhone 4S, living solely on company donations, posted a message to Twitter earlier today in which he claims iOS 5 will not launch until 10 AM PST/6PM GMT.

He also confirmed this in a post on his blog:

Just to let all you guys know that iOS 5 is not out until 6pm I’ve heard in the UK this evening. There were a few people at the Apple Store this morning waiting for this.

Shoesmith doesn’t actually disclose where that information came from, but given that he’s currently living outside the Apple store, we’re assuming Apple retail staff may have informed him.

That timescale does fit in with previous rumors we’ve heard, so keep your finger over that ‘Check for Update’ button in iTunes around that time!

  • Ios5guy

    yes, I have seen that before.. release time of ios 5

  • kelly_albertine

    makes sense seeing that Cupertino normally hits “on/off” switches right after morning coffee.

  • GH

    I’m pretty sure it’s still PDT…

  • Clanggedin

    That’s what I heard from upper management at the SLC Apple store last night as well.

  • Dave

    Must’ve needed a second cup this morning.  Forty five minutes late and still nothing…

  • Andrew

    6 PM GMT = 11 AM PDT.  Everyone on the west coast can go back to sleep for another hour.  But 10 AM PST is correct or will be in a few more weeks, when we’re back on standard time.

  • jgr627

    what time is that in new york?

  • Louiemoldy

    It is 10:02 PST and no update.

  • Avogadro

    18.05. It’s here.

  • knight2j

    ios 5 is now downloading :)

  • James Foster

    updating -right now-

  • nihop

    Nothing Yet!!  I hope it drops soon I need to get somethings done.

  • Jamie Leveille

    5.0 is live

  • nihop

    Here we go!!!

  • fliswa

    it’s working now