iPhone 3GS Dropped In Pool, Records Video Underwater


Is the iPhone 3GS waterproof? This one kept recording, even after its owner dropped it in a swimming pool.

A Parisian iPhone owner was videoing friends in a backyard swimming pool when he accidentally dropped it in the water. Amazingly, the iPhone kept recording and was working fine when he fished it out.

“It still frickin’ works,” he says amazed into the still-recording camera. Watch the video of the entire episode below.

And it still works fine, says the owner. “Phone still working fine with no issues whatsoever,” he says in the comments to the video. “I’m probably the luckiest guy alive!!”

Although the iPhone 3GS is an exceptionally well-made piece of hardware, it is NOT waterproof. This iPhone had a rubbery condom cover on, which probably helped it survive the dip in the pool.

Via iClarified.