Make Your Desktop Clean And Minimalistic [Video How-To]



Having an uncluttered and minimalistic desktop has several benefits. Not only does it remove visual distractions, it can also actually speed up your Mac. In this video, I’ll show you a few ways to clean up and un-clutter your desktop.

  • CharliK

    Sorry but this hardly needs a 6 minute video. More like 30 seconds to simply say ‘don’t save stuff on the desktop’. 

    It’s awesome that you want to impart some wisdom unto the world and you enjoy making videos but not every topic warrants a video. Get over your fear of just writing an article and save the videos for the things that can’t be explained in text. 

  • Michael Steeber

    I’m not afraid of writing an article, videos are just my thing.

  • Joseph Pianta

    speed it up by removing that desktop picture…black or gray it help on finding things if you multi-task with several apps at once.

  • Labradoor

    Always wondered how to have a completely clean sweep. Thanks. A couple things: 1. I could not have a folder name with zero characters. One character was the least it would accept without defaulting to “untitled folder” which doesn’t help. 2. Also, how can i get rid of my macintosh HD and Lacie DH icons? After that i’ll be clutter free. thx again.

  • Jessica

    I appreciated it, I wouldn’t have even thought to make it invisible. Keep doing what you are doing :)

  • Jessica Lynn

    Some people like are “visual learners” or just like things shown to them over having to read everything……  No reason to say anything to him on the method he likes to present info on. You didn’t have to choose to watch it.

  • Dex

    That’s not a minimalistic desktop. This is! I have been going with this desktop for two years – and I really love it! It is Lion btw :o)

  • Leeroy Browne

    It’s kind of silly going through all that about an “invisible folder”.. 

    Why not just Make a folder in your home directory to throw all your desktop files into. If you want it up all the time just add that folder to your dock. Or even make an automator script to automatically move files there when they’re added to the desktop? 

  • Aidan Messenger

    When on the finder, click the “finder” word up on the bar and then click preferences. Then uncheck hard disks and stuff on the desktop.

  • Neil

    how do i add that red circle around the cursor?

  • Michael

    That’s not a minimalistic desktop. This is!

    Lol I’m just kidding, but everybody has a different idea of minimalism, and this is mine :)

  • Dex

    Of course you’re right!

    Guess you don’t have a MacBook pro w/ battery indicator on the side of the body. ;o)

    Several times I’ve tried to get rid of the clock in the menu bar. Without luck though – so far.

  • Lab

    Bingo. Thanks. Solved the other issue too. Did not hear the part about adding the blank spaces to the file name. (it was late)

  • Clark Wallace

    It’s part of the screen cap app he is recording with, it’s just to make the user aware of where the cursor is so they can follow along easily.

  • Fish

    Awesome tips ! Thanks.